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  1. I use the favorites section in the resource browser. but I have a file that i no longer use and every time i try to remove it I get this message "The selected favorite could not be removed because it is not in the User Data and Preferences folder. Use the Explorer to remove workgroup favorites." I can not figure out how to do this. Can you help?
  2. I factory reset the computer and that seems to have fixed it. Thanks for all the help
  3. I use multiple monitors with my setup and whenever I try to move the main vectorworks window to another screen it freezes. I also have the same problem if i try to open a floating view pane on another screen. This is a feature i use quite often. Any suggestions on how to fix it.
  4. I changed the autosave to that setting and it still lags every so often
  5. I have recenyly upgraded to a new laptop MSI G75 Stealth 32GB Ram fast graphics card But vectorworks hangs for 4-5 seconds every few commands, it is making it almost impossible to do anything. Please help!
  6. Dont know what happened but it is working fine now.
  7. i have changed all setting in the OIP including changing the leader type to line.
  8. recently when i create a callout it is missing the leader line. It was working fine last week and now there are no leader lines. I have tried adjusting every setting in the OIP and setting. I have opened old drawings that the callouts are right but when I make a new one it is the same problem, and if I try to adjust the old on it changes it to the new one. please help it is driving me crazy and I am under a deadline.
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