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  1. This may be a ridiculous question or one with a no answer . How do you import a mac file into windows & visa versa. Thanks poeple
  2. IsNewCustomObject I thought may work. Have set up a record that relates to the Dialog . This is good for after object creation then can load dialog from Record . The above function I Am trying to set up is before object creation. Maybe two Dialog setups in the layout routine . Good to here youre voice mate Go the Chiefs. Brendan
  3. I know why that Q was asked .I have imported and stuffed everything up.I dont know if there is a better way but I have a sacraficial import file and reconvert classes then bring into file. Any suggestions
  4. Yes there has been a reply to this before. With your selection tool on hit the shortcut key I(the wall insertion mode is turned off now) Now you can move this along the wall without dragging the symbol out . If you want to duplucate Hit I again and drag out of wall Then use the alt/ctrl key to place in another wall .Toggle with the wall insertion mode (I) Key if you must to reposition. Some others will probably have a better way Regards Brendan
  5. Yes your right I will think A bit more before I blab .Cheers
  6. Have u tried Edit Group . (Or Control[).It then gives u the option of editing the Path or the profile. Go into profile And shift the rectangle either side of the centre ,by default it applies it to tha center.And if you have to flip the rectangle 90degrees. Then control]to get out of the group. A bit of trial and error then your there.
  7. Before anyone aks this I will provide . Video Card is Nividia GeForce Fx 5200 128Meg
  8. By the way I have found this occurs with file having other sheets added with a viewer height that is different .If this is being naughty doing this how can one look up a stairwell or for that matter walk up one?
  9. Have a movie that plays very stilted. Saved it as video and animation but no difference . Updated my drivers .Is there any other settings I should change in relation to my video card. What about the QT file format is there a better option from the selection that allows some sort of file compression maybe PNG. 6000 frame 200 secound movie.30frames per secound .Rw settings are high with ray tracing and anti aliasing . Sorry if this is the wrong foram but wont to hit the most eyes on this on . Any input appreciated .
  10. Any had this or has a suggestion.In middle of saving sheets for a movie then this error pops up and parralizes me .Is there any settings that can help me here ? "one or more operations was aborted due to lack of memory" It will render but then this comes up. 9731kb file not overly big . 24 sheets saved and rendered. Have quickly in between the messages deleted some sheets ,saved rebooted ra,ra,ra no differece . Any ideas folks.Would be much appreciated 2.7 gig ,win xp pro,1meg of ram ,128 video card VWArchitect,Renderworks . Regards Brendan
  11. They difinetely wont get that Old Dark .Good nosh that stuff.Maybe I need some after The AllBlacks. Got straight into scripting after that game . Im in Waihi,What about you Brendan
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