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  1. Thanks gman, couldn't ind it in the end but I'm just having to not opening as many files..
  2. This is the blank screen I get when starting up a file. Is it because I have a few open? (I need to have them all open at the same time to work on them but can close them if it will sort it)
  3. @markdd does anybody know if there was anything for this in the end? Would love to find it.
  4. I've been trying to avoid grouping as a rule but it's perfect as a workaround. Thanks, N
  5. Hi @PVA - Jim, I have the same issue for mac, how do I solve it? Thanks
  6. Hi @Mark666 This would be my first step into scripting but could I trouble you for the script? These functions are so useful in other programs..
  7. I'm using references in an architectural project and would like to draw the sections through various points of a site plan. I'd like to have different sections all next to each other and have a reference of the plan beneath each of them but obviously rotated to suit which section they provide. How do I do this? Thanks
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