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  1. when we use symbol with text (door) then flip the text is ok in VW. After dwg export the texte is like in mirror ? How to get the right export ?
  2. As default the value is write on design as "sq m" . HOW TO CHANGE IT TO change it in "m2" ?
  3. when a nurb curve is without filling, how to make it as a surface
  4. Please how rotate a layer in 2D plan ? thanks
  5. javascript:void(0)yes the same fonction with microsoft mouse works . I want something zoom directly with scroll mouse
  6. on OSX panther and 10.5 VW, what are the correct mouse and driver to zoom with the scroll button of the mouse, actually with optical microsoft notebook i cannot make it??
  7. i am not sure can you write an exemple on a worksheet withe te "if" condition on a value of the woksheet thanks
  8. to use the if condition what is the exact way to refer to a value in a cell: =if(B2=sresrere;paint;not paint) is correct?? when using this only true or false appear
  9. when we select a line the 2 black points do not appear.??? what to do tnanks
  10. French architect. Does anybody know how to put vw design or converting dvw files with a mac sysyem on a web site?
  11. is it possible to export a VW flles into a DWF. Or does it exist a free application for mac.
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