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  1. Hi Neil The "viewport style" is exactly what I am asking for! So it doesn't exist...yet. I will post it in the wish list section. I guessed the example itself would generate some questions however I was having trouble explaining what exactly I was looking for and how the eye dropper tool and individually setting overrides just weren't addressing the issue that was being raised. I am about to have a look at the data visualization option and see if that works. thanks everyone for all your help!
  2. Hi Pat Thank you for your response. I would like to give you an example. I am working on a series of building sections in one file: 1. 3pm - My structural consultant calls me and asks me to send him the sections which clearly show where wood, concrete and any other structural materials are shown with different hatches. 2. 3:02 pm - As I am exporting these drawings for structural my client calls me and wants magazine type sections for their shareholder meeting (i.e just black cuts - no material hatches.) They apologize for the sudden request but they need to get the drawings from me by 330pm. 3. 3:10 pm - My structural consultant calls me and asks to do a quick work online work session (as he is going away for two weeks and this is the last time he has before he goes) and I want to share my screen in vectorworks to discuss the sections with the appropriate hatches in play. Although the eye dropper tool helps with this you can begin to see why I am asking about a class override template or something that can do this in a simple way. Is there a way in VW to manipulate drawings in this fashion quickly?
  3. Hi, Thanks for the quick response. Yes I am familiar with the eyedropper tool however using it still requires manual clicking of every element on every drawing that needs the visual attributes to be changed. I am guessing that VW doesn't currently offer a "view template" tool. If possible I would like to put a request in to place it on the "wish list". This tool would provide an incredible amount of drawing control with little to no time expenditure for the user. thanks
  4. Hello Everyone, I have followed the thread and although the answers provided work to change the parts of a drawing they don't however provide a workflow solution like a "view template" in revit which works as one action to turn a drawing's features as the template has specified. For example - In Revit, if I had 10 building section drawings with hatches and I wanted to change the visual presentation so the section cuts all read as black I have to go to each drawing and apply the view template, done - it changes everything in the drawing with how I have set up the template(changing hatches and lines) in one click. The answers above suggest that in Vectorworks you need to go to each drawing individually and adjust the classes accordingly, which means going through my class list turning the appropriate classes on, off, and adjusting for each drawing. You can imagine if you have many drawings to change for a particular presentation this could be quite time consuming. Even more time consuming if one needed to revert back to the original hatch/line types for a different presentation. So back to the original question, is there some sort of "template" that can be applied to a view that can change all the specified classes in one click similar to Revit's "view templates"?


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