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  1. i'm making some complex shapes and would like to be able to determine either the mass or volume. From what I can tell the 'engineering properties' command only works on 2-d objects. Last I checked us engineers like to work in the 3D world quite a bit. anybody know a way to get this info?
  2. I have a similar problem I just posted in another topic. I exported using PC Designcad, when I changed the line break to Mac, it imports, but it's not even close to the same shape. It ended up looking like a cookie sheet with only two edges. I believe the person that originally designed the peice I'm trying to import needed to use scripting to get a proper parabolic shape. Maybe this is what messed it up? maybe vw10 can't import it properly? Any ideas? Although, it got the shape right when I imported ad a dwg file, but it didn't stay as a 3-d object, just the wire frame in 2d. anyone know another way to import and keep it in the correct shape AND 3D? Or maybe convert the exploded wireframe into a 3d object? Eric
  3. quote: Originally posted by Katie: Eric, If you are on a Mac and the file was created on a PC - please see the other post here about importing IGES files. You'll need to change a part of the file for the import to accept. where can I find that post? and I should have mentioned I exported on the designCad using PC emulation to a shared folder, and I'm running on a mac running 10.2.6.
  4. I'm trying to import a 3d object created in DesignCAD into Vectorworks. I've saved as a dwg file and igs file. VW opens the dwg file but it converts it 2 a bunch of 2d wireframe polygons rather than one solid object. I've tried specifying the import as 2d & 3D (default) and then tried just 3D. Same result. Then I tried importing the iges file, it's unable to read it, says it's an empty, corrupt or non-iges file. I tried that one twice. I thought there may be some way to convert the 2D wireframe into a solid object. I most likely won't have to alter it so that's fine. I'm much more familiar with autocad and mechanical desktop if it helps to draw some analogies between how the programs work. Please help! Thanks in advance, Eric
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