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  1. I'd like to have everything be black and white and just override a couple objects to print in color. Are you describing the opposite? Further clarification on how to do this would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. I just started using VW 2020. I'm finding that when I try to snap to a viewport reference, it works at first. But then after having the drawing open for a bit, I can no longer snap to the reference. When I restart vectorworks it works again. But it's becoming tedious to have to keep restarting. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix of some kind?
  3. I'd like to export my 2D drawings in black and white but with some hatches and lines in color, to provide highlights / accents for clarity. For instance, I'd like to export my site plan in black and white view, but with some green hatches to show landscape elements. Or, I export a plan in black and white view, but with some lines highlighted in red. Is this possible? Is there a way to override the black and white view for just a couple select elements?
  4. Hello. I'm working in VW 2015 and using viewports to create enlarged plans. The referenced file is at 1/4" and the viewport scale is at 1/2", so I'd like to scale the lineweights up to twice the thickness. I'm finding I can do into the viewport classes panel and edit each class lineweight individually, but it is tedious over many viewports. Also, I find that when the viewport updates the lineweight overrides are deleted and revert back to the default. I've read other forums that say you can set and overall lineweight scale to a viewport in the object info panel > Advanced Properties. However I don't have an option for lineweights here. Is this something offered in the newer versions only? Or is it located somewhere else in this 2015 version? See attached screenshot of the advanced properties window. Thank you.
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