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  1. Thanks, That works, but is there a way to select just the vertex without drawing a marque around it? It is very hard to grab the point I want without selecting other things on the drawing.
  2. I've done this before, but I don't remember how to do it. Let's say I have a rectangle, and I extrude it to a 3D polygon. Now, I want to move just the front left corner vertex up by 1'. How do I move just one vertex at a time, relative to the rest of the polygon? I've tried "convert to 3D polys", and it sort of let's me move vertices, but it creates a group, and seems to make each plane into it's own shape. So I have to move the same point three times because they are all separate four vertex shapes, instead of a single eight vertex shape, which is what a cube should become. How do I make an extruded cube into one object with adjustable vertices?
  3. The following addresses had delivery problems: Permanent Failure: 550_5.1.1_User_unknown Delivery last attempted at Sun, 15 Jun 2008 10:40:40 -0000
  4. Thanks, The message I'm getting says: "This file was saved in the student edition of VectorWorks. Files saved in the student edition cannot be opened in the professional version." I think it was created in the free student edition of 2008. I don't know if it's "academic" or not. The pro version I'm running is 11. They used the 'export' function in 2008 to export to a version 11 file.
  5. I own a Professional Version of VectorWorks. I've been sent a drawing that was created in the Student version of 2008. I need to open (and edit) it. Please Help.
  6. If you create a rectangle that's 10 feet by 10 feet (in scale), and extrude it to 10 feet deep, creating a 10 foot cube, and then choose view, right isometric, you'll get something that looks like an isometric view of a cube. But, if you measure a side with the tape measure tool, or print it out and use a scale ruler, you'll find that the sides actually measure 8 foot, 2 inches, in scale. Why is this? Is there a setting to change this behavior so the isometric view measures 10', like the shape actually is?
  7. Thanks everyone. That's the menu I was looking for. I can get to it by double-clicking "snap to grid" in the constraints palate, and by using CTRL + 8, but can't find that option under the "tool" menu. Thanks again, LNB
  8. I'm using VW 11. When I zoom in to look at part of the drawing closely, all of these blue grid lines show up, making it really difficult to see what I'm working on. How can I turn off this grid? How soon (after zooming inward) it appears seems to be affected by layer scale, but how to get rid of it altogether? Thanks, LNB
  9. I'm having the same problem. All my info was there, I changed the font (and nothing more) in the LLM and refreshed the instruments, and all the text disapeared. Undo changes the font back, but the text doesn't reapear. The circles are still there, but the text is gone. This is definatly a bug that needs addressed. I'm running v. 11
  10. I am having a problem getting the text to behave properly for labeling my gel, dimmers etc. Often Times when I create a new label legend, and assign it to fixtures, the text is way to small (as in I have to zoom in so far that the snoot takes up the entire screen in order to see it), or it does not appear at all. I somehow managed to make it work, but I'm not sure how. I went into the edit layout on the label legend manager, and changed the text size to 450 point, then exited the group. Next, I selected all of the instruments, changed there text size to 450 points, and then refreshed the instruments. Then I found if I deleted the fixtures (all of them) then did a "Control Z" to bring them back, that when they returned, the text showed up correctly. Since then, I have been unable to reproduce this. Now when I add a fixtures? color, it does nothing. If I update one of the ones I fixed earlier, it just disappears. I am running 10.1.2 on Windows XP. I have an AMD Athelon XP 2400+, with 512 MB of RAM. Thanks, Nick
  11. sorry, I didn't see it there.
  12. Where Can I email the file to?
  13. I think the problem is more program specific than a problem with the file. I have my main document that i couldn't get it to work in originally, and then I created a test file that has only a gobo projector, and an extruded rectangle as the floor. It doesn?t work in the test file either, so either there is a bug in VW Student Edition, or I am doing something wrong.
  14. When I use Fast Renderworks, I get hard edged pools of light. When I use Final Quality Renderworks, the pools of light go away. When I use Custom, I don't see the pools either. My custom options is set to all options checked. I tried with both mapped, and ray-traced shadows.
  15. I have an extruded rectangle as the floor. the light is hung 15 feet up and has a beam angle or 26 degrees. The light is showing up as a hard edged pool, on the floor. I just can't see the gobo in it. I am running the educational version, if it makes a difference. I think the other guy who was having this problem was running it as well. Nick M. Rahl
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