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  1. Thanks... ya, I did that. And it does fix it the small side of the problem. Wonder if there's a reason for the larger problem?
  2. I'm using VW11.5 Spotlight and having a problem with names in the Intrumentation key... The instruments all show up, but several have the same names. I tried to go to the symbol area and rename, but to no avail. What did I do wrong? thanks. Dave
  3. Thanks for the help. Back to the old way of doing things. Dave
  4. Dave Barnes


    Is there a way to do a 3-fer? I'm using VW 11 Spotlight. My first question on the issue went all the way back to version 9. Wonder if 11 fixed it and no one bothered to tell me;-) Dave
  5. I'm working in 9.5.3 on both a mac and PC and I've just started having a problem with two-fers. After placing all the instruments on the light plot, when I try to place the two-fer, part of one instrument erases and then after a moment or two the instrument disappears altogether. It's a recent phenom. Any ideas? Thanks Dave
  6. Yup, I selected the OI palette and it's checked. Gone back and forth a couple of times and it still doesn't show up. Can't figure this one out.
  7. We're working on the Windows version of VW and can't find the Object Info Palette. It's not anywhere to be seen. I can see it in the Spotlight 9.5 desktop, but not in the 9.6. Where did it go? How can I get it back. I know I must have done something silly. Thanks.
  8. Gosh, this seems silly, but I can't remember, or can't find how to get these into the plot. Got 2-fers down to a science... but can't find the 3-fer. As I remember, it used to be a check box. But now in 9.5.0 Spotlight... can't find it. Help! Thanks Dave Barnes
  9. My students are trying to create a new legend from a symbol and can't seem to get it to show up like the light legend. They've got Electric Outlets and want to number them, and give them a purpose. Is there a way to do this? When we tried to set them up in the manager, we couldn't seem to get the list of items to show up for the new symbol. I told them you'd be the people to help out. I'm just the leader of the "blind" who probably knows less than they do. Thanks Dave B
  10. This isn't a problem as much as a general question So, now that I'm getting the hang of drawing in VW and Spotlight, is there a particular font that people in the design business use? Anything standard? See... nothing important...just wondering
  11. I'm working on a light plot in Spotlight 9.5.0 on a Mac at 500MHZ dual processor. About 120 lights in the plot. I'm getting crashes about once every so often (3 times today) and I can't number instruments. What's happening? Thanks for the help. Dave
  12. Thanks for the help. I've got the beginnings now. I'm sure I'll have more questions. Again, thanks! Dave
  13. I've been working with VW since MiniCad and have now moved to Spotlight 9.5 since most of the design stuff I do with theatrical scenery/lighting... finally the question... since I've upgraded, I don't have the simple option to get a "final shaded solid" look at my 3D elevations of scenery. So, I added renderworks. Now I'm lost. Is there a shortcut where I can just get my final shaded solid look at my Right Iso looks? I'm just not getting it. It's got to be simple or I'm headed back to 8.5. :-( Thanks for the help! Dave
  14. I'm not sure this goes here, but I figure you'll steer me in the right direction. I've imported an image (both BMP and JPEG) and want to turn it into a "drop" on my plot... (make it 3D). Is there a way to do this? Thanks Dave Barnes
  15. OK, I think I'm moving pretty well in Spotlight. Got 9.5 up and running and not having too many Now I want to add Renderworks stuff. Got the program installed, but can't get it into Vectorworks/Spotlight. I know it must be something small. Somebody wanna walk me through it? Thanks Dave Barnes


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