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  1. This seems like a simple question, but I'm having trouble finding the answer. Just started with VW, made a theatre groundplan, looked correct with hatchmarks. Extruded the walls and proscenium (complex polygon), went to side view and made the top of proscenium arch, but after extruding, my hatch marks in the polygon have vanished and the top of the arch shows up in my plan view. How do I keep my hatches in the plan view and how do I view just the items' footprints? Do I need to do a section that's about a foot on either side of the ground plane, or is there a way to view just 2D items, or do I no longer have any 2D items due to the extrusion. Can I turn a top view of my extruded polygon back into a 2D item? Thanks for your help.
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