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  1. .3DS I used "Export 3DS only" in vectorworks. Here are the links I used to follow along https://support.actlighting.com/knowledgeBase/11589471 https://support.actlighting.com/knowledgeBase/3634550
  2. Yes, I did have that entire class off already and that also includes "insert points", and "labeled". In the design layer the truss shows up rendered and looks how it should.
  3. I am able to import my vectorworks file (only truss) into MA 3D but the truss shows up as solid silver blocks with no definition. I used the final renderworks setting in VW but when I export the image it also looks the same as in MA 3D. You can see both examples below.
  4. @Rob Books Thank you! I did try this with the truss libraries and will now do it for some of the others we need as well.
  5. @BSeigel Thank you so much for the help! This worked!
  6. Thank you. This was very helpful. Is the 2019 library compatible with the 2020 software? I followed your instructions and it seem to recognize the new libraries when I refreshed the resource manager but the Objects - Truss folder does not show up.
  7. Thank you for this. Is there a way to download these libraries outside of the Downloader and import them? I am using the software on a production computer with no internet.
  8. I am very new to the software and having a hard time understanding how to use the truss tool sets properly. When I use the insert truss tool I get a prompt that says "Select Symbol" but when I go to select the truss type the library shows as empty. It does the same thing when I try to select truss from the truss symbol drop down toward the top of the page. My work around is selecting the appropriate truss from the Resource Manager. The Straight truss tool works but I am confused on how to select different brands of truss with that tool. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong here so please feel free to point me in the right direction. The attached video is what I referenced beforehand.


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