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  1. Hi Alan, no, I have the one to the right of it ticked. I did a VW help search and this was already suggested as a possible solution and I made sure it was unticked. The inability to resize the callout text box still persists.
  2. Hi All, Got a really annoying problem here....Using VW 2016 Fundamentals.... I have been using a callout box imported from another VW drawing into a new one, and for some reason it will not let me change the text box size. I can change the text size, font etc. and also the callout line lengths, angles, etc. and I can also edit the text contained within the box but it will not let me use the grips to resize the text box. The grips are there, but seem disabled. Help!!
  3. Thanks very much Pat - this has made things a lot simpler. I didn't know about either Snap Loupe or Coincident Object Selection. I think the underlying problem I have is that I have been thrown in at the deep end without any training in VW. As a 30 year veteran of AutoCAD it's not surprising I'm trying to do things the AC way. Your help, along with Mike's, is very much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Mike, I wasn't aware of the move and copy by points tool (I'm learning VW on the job as I go) but I am now. It still seems quite convoluted - going back to my original question....can loci be placed automatically whenever you draw something?
  5. Hi everyone I use loci a lot in my drawing work and it is very frustrating having to create loci every time I need them, eg. if I want to move or copy something, for example. I previously used AutoCAD and there was a very useful command called 'copy with base point'. The OSNAP feature in AutoCAD used to work very well in allowing you to choose your base point, be it an endpoint, midpoint or intersection of existing lines or objects. In effect the loci were there but not visible, however AutoCAD could pick them, if you get my meaning.... A real game changer for me would be if I could set VW to create loci every time I create a line or object. I realise this would result in a lot of loci on the screen but that wouldn't bother me personally. What does bug me is not being able to pick a point on an existing line as a 'base point' to copy adjacent content without VW picking the reference line itself! I'm just trying to emulate what AutoCAD could do but VW cannot ;-) Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance :-)


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