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  1. Powerbook G4 Running MAC OS X 10.3.8 Vectorworks 10.5 Working with vectorworks with no problem and then for no apparent reason I receive the following message ?there is no vectorworks dongle attached to this computer. Vectorworks will now quit.? The dongle is attached and has not been moved or touched. I have tried using the other USB port but to no avail. As yet I have not tried deleting the preferences or switched dongles with a different computer as I would like your comments first. Many thanks, leo.
  2. Hi Katie, thanks for your reply. I wish i could say yippee and all fixed but no. While the font doctor found many errors and fixed them it didn't fix the printing issue. I made sure that i changed the fonts in the file that would not print after the fonts doctor did its thing. Zapped pram etc just to make sure. We are running the latest versions of the macos and vectorworks. New files have no problem printing and test files with simple blocks print fine. If I pdf the doc?s they also print fine but the scale is wrong. Also our different printers provide different printing results as printing to one of the Nashuatec?s usually provides a print where as the HP and Cannon rarely print V10 files. I did ask the print engineers to visit us and upgrade the firmware and software etc which seams to have fixed other osx problems but the vectorworks issues are still present. Any help would be greatly appreciated, regards, leo. HP1055CM Cannon IR2200 Nashuatec DSC38 Nashuatec P0727 --------------------------------------------------
  3. Hello, ive been reading this thread with much interest as we have been experiencing similar problems. For the most part we have been very happy plotting (HP 1055CM, networked) from vectorworks 8.5 to 10.1.2 under OS9x but like many other people we have begun experiencing problems printing under OSX 10.2 to 10.2.6. About a week ago I had to conclude that the reason we couldn't print certain drawings was due to certain fonts within the drawings, as all drawing tests without text, print. All drawings that are pdf or preview print. I and my colleagues would have been more than happy to use preview to get around the situation but there appears to be a problem with the print scale when a preview document is printed. I have read information about getting around this issue but it has not been easy to achieve the resolve discussed and thus I have come back to the fonts theory in an attempt to resolve it once and for all. I downloaded fontdoctor x V5.5.2 and ran the programme in demonstration mode, I checked all the font locations and all came back clean except one. HD/library/fonts/ according to the application there are missing postscript fonts within a range of Helvetica sizes. Could this be the problem ive been looking for ?. I would need to purchase the software to enable the fix but thought I would run it past yourselves first. Many thanks for your time in this matter, leo.


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