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  1. Thank you, Wes, your temporary solution works fine! The only thing is that you have to go window by window changing the panel fill... Thanks again!
  2. Ah, ok, Thanks! I will address it in annotations...
  3. I have fill in the Glazing class and the class is on in the viewport. These are curtain walls made as symbols (in order to be inserted in the walls) Maybe that has something to do? I also checked for fill in the curtain wall panel attributes but still having transparency
  4. I have tried some things, but can´t solve the issue
  5. Thanks Wes, this is my elevation viewport. As you can see, the glass has transparency, that is why it shows the stairs, among other things
  6. I just need to know how to make the glass surfaces not to be transparent in elevation viewports. Thanks in advance


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