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  1. OK - after uninstall - directory is gone. But in the registry - My Computer -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Nemetschek there are still references to Vectorworks (thinks like the serial number etc.) There is more in other places in the registry also) cheers- Rob
  2. I reread your Post Katie - and I am not 100% sure I deleted the folder after uninstalling via control panel. I will do that to make sure....and post the results of that back here later. cheers- Rob
  3. Hi - thanks for your quick reply! I did not just remove the folder - I removed the program using control panel -> remove software. I don't have a dongle - just serial number, and I checked that plenty of times. Even if I did type the wrong serial number during install, and I was allowed install components I didn't have serial number for - should I still be able to uninstall and do it all over, completely fresh?The fact remains that there were registry components left after I uninstalled. cheers- Rob
  4. Hi - when I went to install 10.0.1 on win2k (oh how I wish I had a G5 at home 8-) I just installed everything. Then it asked for a dongle, and I realised my license was only good for GL and architect. So I uninstalled and tried to reinstall...but it never asked me this time what portions to install, then installed everything...and I was back to square one, with it asking for the dongle. I tried again: I uninstalled, then I checked the registry and there were still entries for Nemetschek..I deleted them, rebooted and tried again - but it still remembered! So - I don't know what to do to a really fresh install...can someone help... cheers- Rob
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