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  1. Mac OS 10.4.11 Vectorworks 2008 Fundamentals. The reduced opacity option is potentially great! It works fine when a transparent object is over most things, but when it is over a hatch, it draws a funny reduced opacity box across and up from the object when printed. I have all dpi's set to 300 - document setup and printing. See Test.vwx and Test.pdf attached A similar effect seems to run throughout the "What's New" brochure which came with VW 2008 - a bar 2cm from the top of the page on every page - this doesn't look intentional. I can't find any reference to a previous forum topic relating to this - is it just me? I can get round the problem by exporting to pdf instead of printing, and then printing the pdf, but this seems unnecessarily arduous. Any help or clarification would be very welcome.... Thanks, Rob
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