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  1. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov I didn't believe this was the intended way but I was incorrect. Thank you for your help! NC
  2. Hi all, I created a custom title block following instructions from http://app-help.vectorworks.net/2017/eng/VW2017_Guide/Setup/Creating_a_Custom_Title_Block.htm which I know is not quite up to date including the folder name change to just Title Blocks but everything seemed to work 100% fine from the creation of the document, changing it into a symbol, creating a record, linking the record to the symbol then the individual fields to the texts placeholders. I then saved it and moved it into the file into the user file blocks folder and then, nothing. I go to a new document, put in a title block and go to set it to the new block and there are no folders in resource manager(the title block is the only custom default content I have). I tried moving it to the equivolent object styles folder but still nothing appears in that menu. If I go to the resource manager, it appears as a symbol I can insert. I can set the title block to "Only Border", make the border margins 0, then make it unstyled, then import the symbol and format it but it doesn't scale to page size and feels like a work around, not the intended solution. I'm almost 10 hours in, please help.


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