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  1. Is it possible, to inhibit that VW will show a variable in the OIP?


    Maybe i make such similiar situation like your network.


    Input is a selector, rectangle, circle or hexagon.


    IF it is a circle, you can input a radius, if rectangle u can input a & b and a hexagon u can input edge count and inner/outer radius?


    So i dont need a&b in a circle or hexagon, so i am looking for a way that u can "hide" the named input variables which u define as not needed?



    br KC

  2. Hi,


    i used this "Get Texture" Node and i wonder how it has to be modyfied to work with symbols, placed in a specific folder in the ressource manager.


    I made a few marionettes, but scripting a complete new node i cant do.


    #COMMAND;READONLYREFFILE;[VWLibDef]/Textures\01. Common\Get Texture.py;
    #Modified by MF May 2017
    #Modified by MF Feb 2019 - provided index for texture
    class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass):
        this = Marionette.Node( "Get Texture" )
        this.SetDescription( 'Returns the selected texture from the dropdown list' )

        #Input Ports

        #OIP Controls
        selectedTexture = Marionette.OIPControl('Texture', Marionette.WidgetType.PopupTextures, 0)
        selectedTexture.SetDescription( "A list of the available textures on the document" )

        #Output Ports
        texName = Marionette.PortOut('sTexName')
        texName.SetDescription( "The selected texture's name" )
        texIndex = Marionette.PortOut('iTexRef')
        texIndex.SetDescription( "The selected texture's index" )


    def RunNode(self):
        def callback():
            return 0

        index = self.Params.selectedTexture.value

            # Populate the texture list
        texNameList = []
        texListID, numItems = vs.BuildResourceList(97, 100, '', True)
        for i in range(1, numItems + 1):
            texNameList.append(vs.GetNameFromResourceList(texListID, i))

        vs.ImportResToCurFileN(texListID, index+1, callback)

        self.Params.texName.value = texNameList[index]
        self.Params.texIndex.value = vs.Name2Index(texNameList[index])


    is is possible, to modify this node and get a "Get Symbol" node somehow? Is someone capable to help me with that? I need it for changing symbols in a marionette network which is placing symbols along a polyline.


    For sure it wont work if i replace all the bold strings into symbol  but it is not so far away from this, right?




  3. same problem here without "solid boolean".


    all is working fine, but making "object node" crashes VW


    Maybe it is something with the naming of the XG-Cabinets. 

    Until now i am not able to modify the Xg-Cabinet-Name, maybe it is read only somehow.


    I can change the name of the object but the cabinet name is like a phantom.

    Even if i am sucessfully set the record of "Korpusmöbel - Alle" and read it out afterwards while making a text with this record value it is shown that i modified it, but in the cabinet this change is not seen.




    br KC


    Namensinputmit Aktivierung.vwx

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  4. @DomCnext problem is, if i place the same symbol-cabinet multiple times, vw wont rename it all cabinets having the same name f.E. "Korpusmöbel-53".


    That will result, if i ungroup the cabinets, that all the parts 3D have not a single databasenetry.


    Only the first one placed by marionette has all entries in all databases.



    the others are not connected to any db.


    so if i will later on use those parts i HAVE to manipulate the name, or make VW renaming them.




    damn, it was such a good plan.

  5. @DomC Hi and thx a lot so far.



    its developing.



    is there any Dropdown possibility for choosing the different symbols like the "get texture" nude?

    I would place my symbols in a specific folder (Interior) in the ressource manager and like to have a pulldown with all symbols existing there.



    The Rest is working fine, except:

    - textformatting the measuretext (i have no chance for center aligne my text) -> should be red and "right aligned"

    - textformatting the assemblyname-text (RB_01 .... RB_06) should be green and left aligned

    - making an object node out of it VW crashed


    BR and thx for your help.


    Maybe u have some solutions for there problems.







    Namensinputmit Aktivierung.vwx


    Thanks Dom, i have to check.


    Ah now it works thanks.


    Additional question, "is it possible, to have some variables not beeing "named" by condition or otherwise deleted out of hte oip?"





    If my POlyline has 4 segments, i would like to have the inputvariables height and Width of the 5. and 6. Object are not beeing shown in the oip.image.png.fe984559de45b9aeb12119252abf4ada.png



    BR KC

  7. Hey,


    maybe i am too stupid but nothin happened ^^ except crashing VW a few times.



    The debug tells me "True" so VW was succesful to placing my value into the database of the 3D-Cabinet, but the Cabinet is still in original dimension.


    It named the symbol in the group exactly what i wanted, but something is not right, i dont get what it is.



    Symbol mit Parameters einfuegen_V2.vwx

  8. hi Gregi,


    the Master is the symbol, which contains all the other symbols and has an OIP where u can manipulate the height and Depth of the cabinets. The Length is driven by the segmentlength of the polyline (controlgeometry).


    u can PM me, if u have some time to have a look.

  9. of course i knew this "crashing all the sketch segments" from TopSolid.


    But there u can repair all the stuff because u simply have to manipulate the points and direction, where the dimensioning is.


    It was really headache in the start, but did u once get how it works its working for u 🙂

  10. Hi,


    totally naive i made a red symbol out of a Cabinet 3D from the extragroup.


    Now i try to put in database entries for width/length and Height into my symbol.



    Can someone please give me some hints, how to go further?


    in the "Data-Manager" i find something, but only 



    The Symbol definition does not contain my red saved symbol i made out of the 3D-cabinet.



    in plug in of third parties i find something "Korpus", but not my red symbol



    what is the plan i have to follow?



    are the nodes i find to use some database stuff.



    BR KingChaos



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