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  1. Hi all,



    i have to manipulate the working plane for different usagss so i am seeking for Nodes you made or downloaded, which can change the active working plane or better create a working plane and activate it.


    If there are some in my ressource, i did not find them maybe of bad translation or i am kind a blind.



    BR KC


  2. 23 minutes ago, Onink said:


    If this could be possible it would open up al whole lot of possibilities.

    It Would be possible to Sketch a whole Shop interior in an hour, and it is changeable in 10 min to All u could change it.

  3. What u want to input there?


    Which record?


    For me the project is canceled, because i cant manipulate the xg cabinet Name. 


    The rest is done, if i can manipulate the cabinets name i am a vwx arcmage and i can clone cabinetstrings with a polyline rdy configured, connected to each Other parametrical, deactivatable and Named with cnc.

  4. 8 hours ago, KingChaos said:

    Hi there,



    i got a marionette, placing cabinets and i need a text on the top surface (cabinet height) which display the depth of the cabinet.


    The red (name) and green text (Width) is placed well, after a few trys and errors.


    But i am not able to move the blue text (Depth) into specific z value. (the blue text should be here)



    Which node i can use, or why it wont work?


    BR KC


    PS: it would be great to know in addition, how to make a Text (magenta) on the side of the cabinet, displaying the "height".


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