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  1. @DomC do you have any idea, how i can make this happen? i got your node and it can help, but it wont do all the rest ^^ i think with this node i can place the duplicates for the specific views (side, top front maybe isometric) but i dont know how to grab the right ones to move
  2. hi Dom, do you have a remake for use some kind of this in 3D? I have to arrange duplicates of specific objects/solids next to each other, like the XGroup makes it with its "Bauteilableitung-3D" i thought there is some node for this folling command in VWX (distribute 2D of 3D Objects)
  3. some problems occured, because they objects are sometimes groups sometimes solids. I cant "set entity matrix" of a group to make it go x and y. so i would have to make the record field value onto the solids instead of groups to make it easier making the objects were 0° rotated in all axises.
  4. this node is needed, its only an example for the 2D arrangement. the stuff i need to make is something like this. this is made by xtragroupd for the CNC 3D Parts it copies all the 3d Parts flat into x-y with its name, material etc., but i need this for free parts which have nothing to do with xtragrou interiorcad. in bonus i need not only a top view of this part i need a side view under the top view and a side section right of my top view. It is a horror to make a viewport in the layout for all the metalparts i used and turn them into orthogonal views to place some measures while i have to be sure only having 1 of them in my viewport in the layout. In our business, shop interior the 3d parts of extragroup are not half the work we have to do. so it will be extremely comfortable to have such a tool for not-3D-part of XG. in the vwx file are some metal parts connected to the record schlosserei v9 i think and the corresponding list is Metallbau i think, u will see it in the bom folder in the manager. br nils BauteilableitungMetallV1.vwx
  5. Plus i have to arrange the placement of the parts in a choosable columnsnumber to make it fit in diffferent Layouts. Btw is there a measure node which can used to automatically place aome measures?
  6. Hi, thank you very much. I dont get what u meant in the last sentence. I dont know yet how to deal with the parts which are more the 1 time in the file. If i Analyse the file content with a Filter of All objects with database Connection it will list me all the doubled parts. If i clean the Lust with Duplikate delete i dont know whether the List can be use for Making duplicates. I am now searching for a node which can reset the 3d rotation of the parts to have them lying down in the construction Level oriented in x,y and z in the case the parts are placed and rotated. I am also searching for a node which can make the 2d arrangement of the parts in the List to have them next to each other. If all this is done i will need a sort node to have the parts Sorted by pulldownoption: Name Assembly Name Material Coating type Like it is done by the xtragroup Feature for the 3d parts. If u can Support me further in this project i will make a Metal Layout in 5 Minuten instead of 2 hours. I will publish the wrap then for the community. Br kc ❤️
  7. @Marissa Farrellis it easy for a non-programmer like me to manipulate your "get num rows and cols"-NODE to make it count the subrows of a specific row?
  8. was hidden ^^ now it works. now i need to know how to get data in and out the database, which node i have to use?
  9. for VW 2022 534634755_BauteilableitungMetallV0.vwx
  10. Hi there, i got some node "Get Num Rows and Cols" from marissa here working fine. now i need to get the information out of the subrows of a worksheet. i need a marionette, which can extract the subrowed same objects, to read out how often i got those items in the file. The goal is to make a graphic bill of material for our metalworkers, because this graficBOM is only available for woodworking parts from extragroup. But i need this for self made metal parts which are connected with my "schlosserei V9" Database. Further i need a node to get and write data out and into this database. @Dominique Corpataux helped me with the start and "what might work", thx for this. but now i need some help to get specific data of accumulated parts. br KC
  11. ok same string did it instead of equal, because its a string ^^ but somehow it does not activate the same blue node, it activates 2 rectangles i got placed in class 1_keine??
  12. hi, some german mate helped me to get this, and it works well. now i wanna improve it not only the same objects to select, i want to selectall same objects in the same class, but the logic might be totally different or my syntax is worst as possible. on objects it works, on classes it didtn work. 😞 BR KC PS: if its getting to work, i need this as python script (how to export hole network?) and implement it as a plugin für making it "run by shortcut".
  13. i made it completely differerent., but i made some mistake. The point was, i did not realize the pulldown menu in the OIP that this node does all 3 operations. 😞 thx ps: it worked very well as a network, but my complex network was crashing vw all times, the wrapping took 20 min and the conversion to an "object node" was not possible. I am struggling with the days i used to try it, they wont pay back. This is very easy to make in Solid Works, Solid Edge or TopSolid and there the hole stuff takes 5 minuten to make with full parametric and is only a few mb, but in VW one steel part is 50 MB it took weeks and its not working. I think i have to learn how to build such great stuff like VWX plugin objects with different styles. But it looks that no one like to teach me this, because they wont earn money to do this for customers. i will send you the wrapped node, maybe u can help me find out why it is not possible to make an object node?
  14. Yeah, quite a lot to do for only a simple 2d acadfile.
  15. That was what i Tried, but one supporter meant not to use this switch if u Read the tooltip It tells you something about a picture of the Layout. The Problem is still, after i finally got a flat 2d of all sections i made out of the views that the views are still 3d, and i got this 3d 4 Times if i got 4 views.
  16. That was what i Tried, but one supporter meant not to use this switch if u Read the tooltip It tells you something about a picture of the Layout. The Problem is still, after i finally got a flat 2d of all sections i made out of the views that the views are still 3d, and i got this 3d 4 Times if i got 4 views.
  17. Hi there, is it possible, like in all other 3D-CADS, to export a real 2 dimensional DWG/dxf out of a layout? I assumed that VWX can do this and exported a layout of 5 cabinets. The result was 200 mB big and i reduced it with help (diff settings) from Xtragroup-Support down to 38 Mb. But why it is still 20 times bigger then it should? I opened the file with autocad and i saw: 1. it was no 2D 2. it was a block of 3D surfaces and solids. 3. the block was 2 times in the file on different layers, on the layer like the name of my "construction level" called "Innenausbau_Konstruktion" the layer are named as: -> _Innenausbau_Konstruktion (3D)-1 _Innenausbau_Konstruktion (3D) We need for architects small 2D plans, which can sent by email. What i can do? br KC
  18. for me i seems that its only rotated not mirrored
  19. you can put your objects in the symbol onto a layer with predfined Z height, maybe that helps too 🙂 this height u can control then in your file, even if u want to have a modified.
  20. Also du konntest damit was anfangen? 😮 Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof.
  21. Cant you create an input Port with the list u get out of your spreadsheet and put this input into the choice?
  22. I made a pulldown out of the spreadsheet content. You checked the net i upped?
  23. i need a multilevel pulldown, where 1. choice influences what 2. choice can pick. but i only got gw-basic programming skills, so vector or pythonscript is not my competence.
  24. hi, Yes i am searching for a pulldown solution for this. But you dont need the lists, you can let VWX do it. The question here is, how many choices you need? Without script knowledge i cant modify this "enhanced popup" node, made by @MRoth. I only typed manually in the node which selection i want to pulldown. enclosed u got the node. pm me if u like. br KC datenbankausleser.vwxenhanced popup.vwx
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