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  1. Hi there,



    is it possible, like in all other 3D-CADS, to export a real 2 dimensional DWG/dxf out of a layout?


    I assumed that VWX can do this and exported a layout of 5 cabinets.


    The result was 200 mB big and i reduced it with help (diff settings) from Xtragroup-Support down to 38 Mb.


    But why it is still 20 times bigger then it should?


    I opened the file with autocad and i saw:

    1. it was no 2D

    2. it was a block of 3D surfaces and solids.

    3. the block was 2 times in the file on different layers, on the layer like the name of my "construction level" called "Innenausbau_Konstruktion"

    the layer are named as: -> 


    _Innenausbau_Konstruktion (3D)-1

    _Innenausbau_Konstruktion (3D)


    We need for architects small 2D plans, which can sent by email.


    What i can do?



    br KC

  2. hi,


    Yes i am searching for a pulldown solution for this.


    But you dont need the lists, you can let VWX do it.


    The question here is, how many choices you need?


    Without script knowledge i cant modify this "enhanced popup" node, made by @MRoth.


    I only typed manually in the node which selection i want to pulldown.





    enclosed u got the node.


    pm me if u like.



    br KC

    datenbankausleser.vwxenhanced popup.vwx

  3. hi there,



    my marionette skills have fundamental lacks i think.


    my plan is to extract a metal sheet out of chart data, this works well.


    All data out of the selection is written in the database of the sheep and material and coating all is working fine.


    But now i try to make a drilling pattern into the sheet and it drives me crayz.


    I made zylinders for drillings and cones for counterbores then adding those geometry and then i subtracting them form the sheet.



    The Only thing except the broken drilling pattern, i have to get fixed (later) is the popup has to be a pulldown, but this i cant code without any skills ov pythonscript or VS.



    I can manipulate the pattern in the following way:


    - Number in X (column)

    - Number in Y (rows)

    - x start

    - x End

    - y Start

    - y End


    If u set the x-end or/and y-end to "0.5" the pattern will be symmetric with xstart = xEnd analogue y.



    All is working fine, BUT i made a pattern of those, 2 series for x and y coordinates and i try to "mix" them, this worked not in the start but then i exploded the lists and manually wired the x and y data into points, because i dont know how to "multiply" those lists.


    List1 -> (x1;x2;x3, ...; x6)

    List2 -> (y1;y2;y3, ...; y6)


    Now i need a list of points, (x1,y1;x2,y2;...;x6,y6) with the exact number of points givec by NumberX*NumberY.


    Because i dont know how to do it, i made this crap:




    But my code fails if i have less then 6 (i made 6 ) columns of drillings/counterbore because i wired all 6 X Data to the 3D-point so there are drillings at X 0 which i dont want to have i i input less then 6 columns.


    In Rows it works fine.


    I need a Node, makes only the points i need, not all wired.


    The german translation for the node desciption is not good too, so i dont get it.



    BR KC


    PS: And why the hell this file is 55 Mbyte ????




  4. mir war es wichtig, Teile zu schaffen, wo man die marionetten einfach aneinander wired und die dann selbst ihre position finden.


    dazu fehlt mir momentan noch eine korrekte Umsetzung des "Get Orientation" 



    das haut bei mri naemlich nicht hin.




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