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  1. Hi there,


    I am genereting some parametrical steel/alu/stainless steel parts with database entries with "sales info".


    to ensure our draftsmen can only use restricted material AND sizes of this material (in this case metalworks -> stainless steel, crude steel, steel sheets etc  ) i need some kind of popup, which is driven by some chart, where i can input the suppliers materials & dimensions.


    The user has to pick out of a popup:

    1. kind of Material (sheet, L profil, T profil, rect. tubes, circle tubes ) -> we only have 1 supplier he can supply the lists out of his "shopping cart"

    2. the dimension (w,t,l)

    3. Coating/finishing


    manuel input has to be:

    4. Name of the part

    5. information


    4 & 5 must get into the database "Schlosserei - Bauteilinfo" in the fields.


    For now i am seeking a way to put exceldata into a VW chart which drives the popup names and parameters.


    Later on will need some additional help.


    Some stuff is working well, maybe with too complicated nodes, but i think its working.


    In the end i think i need a profilesymbol with a polyline for each profile we use and the popup 1. will pick this symbol and then extruded into the length needed.



    But the 1. step is too hard for me too take it alone, maybe someone knows what i am planning and can help me with the popups.


    br KC



  2. the order might be wrong, it never subtracted the small one from the big one ..

    maybe bec. both objects are in a group?


    yesterday i had it working after long struggle, now it wont work.


    not the subtracted circles or the solids.



  3. Hi all,



    i have to manipulate the working plane for different usagss so i am seeking for Nodes you made or downloaded, which can change the active working plane or better create a working plane and activate it.


    If there are some in my ressource, i did not find them maybe of bad translation or i am kind a blind.



    BR KC


  4. 23 minutes ago, Onink said:


    If this could be possible it would open up al whole lot of possibilities.

    It Would be possible to Sketch a whole Shop interior in an hour, and it is changeable in 10 min to All u could change it.

  5. What u want to input there?


    Which record?


    For me the project is canceled, because i cant manipulate the xg cabinet Name. 


    The rest is done, if i can manipulate the cabinets name i am a vwx arcmage and i can clone cabinetstrings with a polyline rdy configured, connected to each Other parametrical, deactivatable and Named with cnc.

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