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  1. maybe its possible to remove all the datastamps in the duplicated layer, that could fasten it up, maybe. i will check before the script "is made somehow by someone"
  2. the marionette is working well (its taking a little bit time, but its working.), EXCEPT problems occuring with the symbolcharacter of the interiorcadparts. But this is not so problamatically, because i will make a clone of the file before, use the marionette and copy the duplicated parts in the original file. i use symbols with included interiorcadparts, they will have databaseproblems after I "symbol to group" all IF there is a symbol more then 1 time in the file. The parts are not renamed, like they will if u copy them with holding "ctrl. mouse1". another question is coming in my mind, in excel there is a makro recorder for stuff u do to get a vba code out of it. If i use the "change similar objects" button, i can make a filter and make this selection into a vectorworks script. Is it possible here, to record what i do to make my own scripts? 🙂 br KC
  3. habe ich schon kapiert ^^, es loescht nur leider das Symbol nicht, denn es erzeugt eine kopie als gruppe. Du muesstest das Symbol dann noch loeschen.
  4. wie willst du denn die nc bearbeitungen in die marioette einbauen? als blaues symbol? mach doch einfach einen 3D Punkt mit in das symbo, dann wird es automatisch blau, oder?
  5. bonus would be, start the script "Datentranfer Schlossere Data" a first, it is in the file. the script reads out the subrows of a filtered list in a spreadsheet and make them real rows in a different spread sheet. Thomas made it for me @Thomas W thanks ay lot.
  6. ja cool, hat nur nichts mit dem thema zu tun ^^ aber du bringst mich auch auf eine idee. erklaer mal was du meinst, kannst du die symbol-to-group node dazu nicht benutzen? Ich frage fuer einen Freund 🙂
  7. Hi not exact but close to it. what i finally need is: ALL objects with DB Record Schlossereimetallbau (which has no record "ET" in article number) on the "duplikate metallbau" layer unsymboled, to stamp them. All stuff is in black-symbols, what i need. with marionette i was not able without a detour, so i made the marionette like u saw it. its impossible to copy the symbols to this layer, because of their local coordinates, they would be placed in global coordinates. So i used the desymbol note vom computerworks and by surprise it did not unsymbol it, it makes a copy (group) of it, thats great. the temp layer i only used because i had no better idea of how to make it. the cript should: 0. clean "duplikate metallbau"-layer 1. copy all objects from layer "fertigung 1" (here it would be great to pick a layer with pulldown instead of fixing it to "fertigung 1") WITH db connection to schlosserei metallbau AND WITHOUT "ET" in field articlenumber. 2. clean temp-layer My first attempt was to duplicate the whole layer, but there was no node in marionette and it tooks several minutes (a way tooooo long) to do it. BUT I would be not the worst thing, if it would be faster. the plus here is, i can conserve the group structure in which the objects are, but this is not longer needed as prio1 while i delete all stuff which is: (not connected to metallbau) OR (has ET in articlenumber) OR (is a group.) Then all groups WITH objects wont be deleted and i have the same "groupstructure" as in my constructionlayer. sry for my bad english 🙂 br KC PS: is somethin missing?
  8. Hi There, is it possible that someone here can make a script out of my small marionette? Only 1 thing must be different, is has to pick the objects (criteria) not from "Fertigung Baugruppe1" but from the active Layer. br KC PS: Maybe a pythonscript works faster, i dont know then i need a pythonscript. Would be great to have such a powerful tool like this to make it start by a shortcut and saves me hours. script from network.vwx
  9. nein, ich bringe VWX dazu fuer mich alles was meine Metallbauelemente anbelangt, zu duplizieren und symbole aufzuloesen, damit ich nichts mehr zeichnen muss. dauert bis 3 min bei ner normalen Datei.
  10. ich weiss nich genau, was die einstellungen bewirken, entweder sind die optionen abweichend von dem Befehle strg+u oder ich bin zu doof.
  11. not elegant, but it seems to work maybe now u know what i want ^^ symbol to group-Final.vwx
  12. lol this functionless input i placed in the nodes code is working in such a way, that it will filter all the stuff but AFTER the rest of the network is done. it is not what i needed, but i can use it. Nice would be the function i tried to describe before.
  13. so I wanna have some Objects with DB entry in existing symbols in a seperate layer, without having any other stuff which is not specific db recorded. so i thought: 0. Clear layer2 (>the delete not has no output and the criterie node no input) so it is complicated for me to make both nodes into my existing network which does the following: 1. Filter all symbols here on layer1 "obj b crit" -> [is on layer 1 & is symbol] 2. i need to "symbol into group" them and ungroup it 1 time. so i have not symbols any more but a lot of groups instead of 1 group by the marionette. 3. place them onto an empty layer2. until here it works, but it won clear layer2 -> BUT If layer 2 is not empty before i have to delete all the stuff on layer2, BEFORE the symbols are getting groups. 4. duplicate all objects with a specific DB record onto layer3 Then i got all the stuff i need. The problem is, sometimes the db record is on groups (in my symbol, if it is an assembly) or on objects (if it is a single piece). all other attempts failed here. at first i tried to copy all the symbols to layer2 it failed because VWX placed all the symbols to the global point 0 so they are not in the location i placed the symbols. So i tried it in a different way. If i can use a crit node which is not filtering all the existing parts, i can filter the filtered objects and therefor i think i need such a node 🙂
  14. if i wanna filter the objects flown through the network with new criterias, it can be VERY powerful. the obj b crit. is analysing all the objects fitting to the criterie. i need it to filter the objects by criterias ONLY out of a given list of objects in the network which were filtered before completerly different.
  15. whats wrong with me? 🙂 i tried it, and its not working? @Antonio Landsberger was mache ich da falsch? 2023-12-14 08-03-51.mp4
  16. i "solved" it with a copy of all stuff and deleting all what. it has some unwanted effect, that some pieces are flat on the x-y surface and i dont know why and how to avoid it. now the groupstructure is copied with it. but would be nice to have such a nodE, maybe there will be no mistake with copying all the stuff.🙂 BR KC 2023-11-07 15-56-22.mp4
  17. hey, i am searching for a node, which can duplicate an entire layer with all objects and groups in it. background: i need to duplicate objects out of my construction layer which got a specific db record. It works very well on the parts, BUT the problem is, that the group structure in which the objects were is destroyed (classes, hierarchy etc.). so i think its better to duplicate the whole layer and then delete the stuff i dont need? Has someone a different approach or another hint for me how to deal with it? BR KC
  18. mega danke, mal sehen wann ich zeit habe das umzusetzen
  19. hi, i am trying to manipulate this node. I need an input port (for my Layer name), which is the criteria in the filter. therefore it would be the best i can use this node , BUT its output port should not get the handle of the layer. it must output the "name" of the layer to let this get into the "objs by crit" node. i need a popup-driven "objs by crit" node 🙂 Can someone do this for me or help me with it? BR KC
  20. hi there, sounds interesting to me. I would like to datastamp all existing parts > in a secific viewport on a specific layout-Layer. Is that possible? my bad i only have a vw22 so i cant look into the vwx file. BR KC
  21. hi there, is it somehow possible to make a node which can "delete" the record connection of objects, i dont wanna to delete some field information i need to cut the connection? I need to know wether i can make some marionette network and let the network cut the connection of objects to a specific database. f.E. i have 20 objects which are connected to a record, 7 of them have the same field values in the 1. field. So i want to remove all the "same fielded" objects, except the 1. one found so i have only 1 object with the same field value in a specific layer. AND I DONT want to delete this "duplicated" because i have to see them, i only wanna have no doubled-cloned part with db connection. BR KC
  22. 5 years ago and no one can help to place some viewports in the layout out of a marionette network? I need to know how to make a viewport with marionette or how to "enter an existing viewport to apply some datastamps" with a marionette.
  23. great stuff, i have a "similar" problem with sorting lists. I need to duplicate all 3D-shapes/subtraction etc. with a database record in a specific DB on a seperate layer. (This is working.) Now i need to remove the db record for all parts having the same database entry in field name "Name". I want to make a "on button metal parts viewport with datastamps" in a specific layout layer and deleting all existing objects on this layer if i can data stamp the objects automatically (with the marionette) and there are duplicates (objects with the same db record entry "name"), it wont working so i think its necessary to remove the db record/connection for the "same datbaserecorded parts". but with the given nodes i dont get a solution as a marionette newb ^^. idea 1: find the objects where the "name" is the same and remove the record entry of all "except the 1. foudn ", or search the spreadsheet ->but wtf how? idea 2: sort the list filtered object by the name of its parts and then remove the db-connection of all objects, with the same name as the object "before" in the list. But how to do this, i can sort the list of the databasefield entrys for its names but they dont reference then to find the ocjects in the criteria-list? Metallbauableitung.vwxMetallbauableitung.vwx
  24. to start it wiith my datastamp i only have to call its name? So i dont need to start it manually ^^
  25. yea, even that will work, thanx a lot. is it generally possible to automate this scripts?
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