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  1. so habs fertig 🙂


    bis auf ein paar bugs, laeuft es.


    Wenn ich das als wrapper einsetze und die Teile aneinander baue habe ich wohl das "problem" dass der popup fuer jedes eingefuegte Teil abgefragt wird, da muss ich noch mal drueber nachdenken.


    heute nachmittag schieb ich den file hoch ok? dann kansnte dir das angucken.


    besonders gut finde ich, dass wenn du das als wrapper einbaust, das naechste teil zum positionieren einfach mit dem knoten des 1. verbindest und dann bleibt das 2. Teil auch am 1. sitzen, wenn du das verschiebst oder modifizierst in laenge und gehrungswinkel.


    Wenn ich ein neues PRofil brauche, muss ich also nur die tabelle modifizieren und habe sofort das neue teil im popup verfuegbar.

  2. Hi there,


    i am struggling here with some stuff i can solve.


    I have a marionette, making such beautiful parametrical steel parts with a miter on the top. 


    The goal is to use the rectangle (its a 3 D poly) for connecting the next marionette. I think about reading out, where the center of the 3D-poly ist (thats easy and working) but i am not able to read out the angle of this "surface" given by my 3D-Poly. Then i maybe can name there variable to get a interface for the next marionette part and i only have to wire the ends (center + angles) for the insertion of the next marionette steel part so they allways fit together.


    for me its quite diffucult, because some nodes dont work on all type of objects.


    I tried it with:

    - "get matrix" but it seems only working for 2D objects

    - get angle

    - get direction


    i Simply need the angles of the poly and the center, but i dont get how to do it.


    This i have to do more then once, so i will apply some help-polys for connection additional steel parts on the sides of my steel part.




    br kc

  3. Hi,


    maybe i made this once before but my head is empty in that kind of "how to do".


    i made Metal part, which is fully parametrical and i like to use it as a wrapper in a complex marionette, where i am placing them parametrically.


    So i got my named input-parameters are in the OIP of the wrapper, but the Wrapper has no input interface for my parameters.


    So i need named passnodes, instead of int/string ans boolean inputs.


    But what happened to the rest? Should i delete the named inputnodes and replace them all with pass nodes? Then the input is empty? Or can i somehow make a temporarily parameters which are overwritten, as you plug in the wires into the wrapper?


    What if the data wired through the pass has diffe type? (tin, real, bool, string?)




    BR KC

    pass node.png

  4. if that works great plan, but how to get the next choice out the sectionmeasures and how it will read out the artikelnummer?


    The File i made is working now good but the selection is missing.


    I got a steel profile:

    - chamfered/rounded or not

    - hollow or not

    - with drillings/copunterdrillings

    - controllable side of counterdrillings

    - controllable stop and and measure of the drillings,

    - drilling diameters

    - miter on both edges

    - the piece is named with length measure in the name (name is in a databasefield)

    - has an article number

    - has material text

    - infotext for drillings, counterdrillings, miters automatically and addeable informationtext.

    - you can rotate the object


    Maybe you have some more ideas or destroy my plan while u think the stuff is too slow because my spaghetticode slows die program down. 🙂



    I will now:


    apply texture -> into coating databasefield.


    I really need the popup, because THEN is can make ALL these metal parts in just 1 file and i can morph them with parameters.


    in the end i need some achorpoints for the next steel part at the top and in the middle, so i can build them together with another marionette to have real parametrical Shelf for Tego.


    what do u think?


    I think its worth the hours i worked (8 h so far) on, because later all my collegues cant pick a wrong steel/alu part if the popup works and they never have to layout them because all u can read out with stamps.



    BR KC


  5. Now i proceed with the database stuff und now i THINK I HAVE to Edit the Node "Custom Popup" in such a way,


    that i have the:


    - "choice 1" made out of "Cell A2-A5" in my spreadsheet "Stammdaten Handelshof Materialauswahl"

    - "Choice 2" made out of the Cell in Column M (dimension) in my spreadsheet "Stammdaten Handelshof Rechteckrohr" where Column G (material type) has the same value als Coice 1.


    Is there any way to do this so or different?


    class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass):
        this = Marionette.Node( "Custom Pulldown" )
        this.SetDescription( 'A Dialog with 3 Popups')
        #Input Ports
        sDialog = Marionette.PortIn('Dialog Name')
        sTitle1 = Marionette.PortIn('Materialtyp:')
        lPopup1 = Marionette.PortIn([],'{Stammdaten Handelshof Materialauswahl->A2:A5}')
        sTitle2 = Marionette.PortIn('Querschnitt:')
        lPopup2 = Marionette.PortIn([],'choice2')
        sTitle3 = Marionette.PortIn('Title 3:')
        lPopup3 = Marionette.PortIn([],'choice3')
        iWidth = Marionette.PortIn(40)
        #OIP Controls
        text = Marionette.OIPControl( 'Text', Marionette.WidgetType.Text, '')
        text.SetDescription( 'Dialog user prompt string' )
        #Output Ports
        sPopup1 = Marionette.PortOut()
        sPopup2 = Marionette.PortOut()
        sPopup3 = Marionette.PortOut()
        sPopup1.SetDescription( 'The Result of the Popups' )


    def RunNode(self):
        DialogName = self.Params.sDialog.value[0]
        title1 = self.Params.sTitle1.value[0]
        title2 = self.Params.sTitle2.value[0]
        title3 = self.Params.sTitle3.value[0]
        pop1 = self.Params.lPopup1.value
        pop2 = self.Params.lPopup2.value
        pop3 = self.Params.lPopup3.value
        width = self.Params.iWidth.value[0]

        numPopups = 3

        def Dialog_Handler(item, data):
            for i in range(len(pop1)):
                vs.AddChoice( self.dialog, 11, pop1[i], i+1 )
            for i in range(len(pop2)):
                vs.AddChoice( self.dialog, 12, pop2[i], i+len(pop1)+1 )

            for i in range(len(pop3)):
                vs.AddChoice( self.dialog, 13, pop3[i], i+len(pop2)+1 )

            self.v1 = vs.GetItemText( self.dialog, 11 )
            self.v2 = vs.GetItemText( self.dialog, 12 )
            self.v3 = vs.GetItemText( self.dialog, 13 )

        def CreateMyDialog():        
            self.dialog = vs.CreateLayout( DialogName, 0, 'OK', 'Abbrechen' )
            dialog = self.dialog
            vs.CreateStaticText(dialog, 1, 'title1', width)
            vs.CreateStaticText(dialog, 2, 'title2', width)
            vs.CreateStaticText(dialog, 3, 'title3', width)

            vs.CreatePullDownMenu( dialog, 11, width )
            vs.CreatePullDownMenu( dialog, 12, width )
            vs.CreatePullDownMenu( dialog, 13, width )

            vs.SetFirstLayoutItem( dialog, 1 )
            vs.SetBelowItem( dialog, 1, 11, 0, 0 )
            vs.SetBelowItem( dialog, 11, 2, 0, 0 )
            vs.SetBelowItem( dialog, 2, 12, 0, 0 )
            vs.SetBelowItem( dialog, 12, 3, 0, 0 )
            vs.SetBelowItem( dialog, 3, 13, 0, 0 )

            vs.RunLayoutDialog(dialog, Dialog_Handler )


        self.Params.sPopup1.value = self.v1
        self.Params.sPopup2.value = self.v2
        self.Params.sPopup3.value = self.v3



    BR KC

  6. Hi there,


    i got some Strings here, which content has to be written into a database of a part.


    i prefixed - and suffixed my text and tried to set this into a record, but the record field is empty, until i convert the text into a string (Str - Node), but then the textcontent is gone and the record field has some confusing value-> My text is "QR Beispielname -> Quer" but the record field has a value "F1E342E0".


    What i am doing wrong and what i can do for fixing it?


    BR KC


  7. hi,



    great stuff.


    is there any easier way to activate / deactivate this fillets?


    I got some rectangle here and it CAN have 4 fillets but sometimes i dont want to have this fillets. So i if then else the iIndex (true -> correct vertex count  false -1) but it took me a lot of node to realize it. Is there a better way to deactivate the hole filleting of my rectangle with lesser nodes?



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