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  1. Hi Stuart, I have approx. 3 years of drafting experience in vectorworks and am an architectural assistant who has worked on retail fit out construction packages as well as bespoke joinery details. If you are still searching for someone, I'd be interested and please feel free to email me on arch.dish6@gmail.com. Kind Regards, Dishav Vasudev
  2. @m.graf I see what you have done in terms of the script and also manage to create additional choices (3 more) and altered the number values which is a great help, so thank you very much for your time. Is there anyway I can possibly contact you directly for any further issues relating to something I am creating. Maybe even helping me have a better idea of where I should start I've seen 3/4 possible ways of doing something I am trying to create. What do you mean by DIM by script (I am a complete noob at script but I assume you add 'DIM' somewhere?) When you say marionette network, do you mean the DIM node, there only seems to be output value, unless you mean changing the script for that node too?
  3. @m.graf Thank you so much for creating the network for me to understand. At first, I was really confused what you meant by edit the node. I have never done scripting but understand what you said, and so I added value (510, 610, 710) instead of choice_1, choice_2 and so forth, and did another pass node with other value options. However, I am not getting what I need and I wonder if its due to my lack of scripting knowledge or understanding of how to use nodes to do what you want. Example, I have 'values' in the pass node and I have tried to two different approach to create a geometry based on those values. (using your method, though I don't understand the use of 0, 1, 2 in integer values or the equal node) (use the value to integer as it was not creating a shape when I ran it) The result I get is a square box with the dropdown option of the values but the object is not the value and changes randomly when I select another value from drop down. Where am I going wrong? And, do you know if there any more tutorials to understand marionettes as I've gone through the 1-5 vwx marionette videos on youtube and seminar?
  4. @m.graf is your file by any chance in 2020 version as I can't seem to open the drawing. I was hoping to understand how you've created a dropdown option with input values, since I am trying something similar where I want a rectangle to have pre-define 'height' and 'width'. And What I've done is created every single value I want using Dim input node, which goes into a ordered list and into pop dialogue box and into the rectangle node (image below). However, instead of the pop-up box being in the OIP, the pop up box appears only when 'running' the network. I have named the Pop-Up node but does not want to appear in OIP. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Hey @MultipleWays , I have had this issue in the past when exporting DWG. Drag'n'Drop the DWG into Vectorworks till a pop-up dialogue box appears 'DWG Import Options'. There is an 'Advanced' button (bottom left), click on that for options, I would suggest to play with the 'Location' category. I assume the 'Align with Internal Origin' would be best suited for you. Hope this helps!
  6. Has anyone noticed; - when referencing an image into Vectorworks (either Design Layer or Sheets) and changing the 'Image Attributes' - 'Dimensions' from 100% to 50% to reduce the file size (note Raw Image size of Image B becomes 3MB from 12Mb). - then I go an export the PDF (attached) and there seems nothing wrong....at first! The problem / glitch happens when I close the Vectorworks file after saving and re-open the file (at another time) to find the images that were referenced in to have suddenly changed scale. One of the screenshots below shows a green bounding box on the Design Layer, and this indicates to me the images has gotten bigger. Twice as big. After a few testing, I noticed, what ever percentage I changed the Image Attribute to, it won't save the attribute I have set when I open the file. I have tried to lock the image and it would not work. I have many options I could think of, but somehow this feature of reference image only works if the 'Image Attribute-Dimensions' is untouched, which seems odd. The only reason I have to change the size is to reduce the image size, file size, PDF size when exporting to clients. I find it very odd that this is the mechanics for referenced image. Many Thanks for your time reading this topic. 0000 Image Referenced on Sheet.pdf
  7. Hey @m.graf Thank you very much for showing me the 2 variants of node networks! It's really helpful to understand a different process and your's actually works! I will try and use the methods you shown and create what I need to! One Question on your first variant: The node 'Enhanced Rectangle' seems to be one that you created? If so, what is special about that node as I have no knowledge of scripting but I can see you've added a node of your own? Many Thanks, Dishav
  8. Hi all, I am trying to create a very simple 2-D Door Jamb (see PDF attached for visual cue) which I want to use for a Door Marionette that I created. And I have tried for hours with different nodes to get the result I need but it is not working. So I ask, if my starting approach is the correct / efficient method or is there a better one that I may have not considered? 2-D Door Jamb - Values and Parametrics The 'bold black' shape is created by individual lines with fixed points which I want to be temporary as highlighted in red. Those are values I want the user to input. I.E. if the wall thickness (a) is 200mm, then Door Thickness line will change to accomodate the change in wall thickness(b). Also, I want there to be a fixed length of 45mm highlighted in blue, which will then give the door thickness (b) distance. Makes sense? To make it more complicated, I want the option to add a constraint of the wall thickness (a) value, so it does not go lower than 60mm. I hope I am making sense with the diagram below. I have tried various methods to 'Get Distance', 'Find Points in Polygon' but I just dont seem to understand how to draw the polygon shape and also add the constraints. 20200205163000.pdf
  9. It's as @Jesse Cogswell has mention, every time I begin working with marionette at work, I have found it changes a few things - I can no longer left-click to select an object, node, line etc...it will only highlight the object. If I right-click on the object, only then the OIP comes up with description, values etc - I have not had any issues with the undo step but I have noticed graphic issues for example; Running Test on marionette nodes will not display any object even though it shows 'Group' in the OIP. ( saved the file, exit vectorworks and restarting it shows drawing entities in the group), - or sometimes, you run the command and nothing works or shows, and to only get your drawing back is saving it in hopes when you shut down and restart vectorworks, it is saved there.
  10. Hi @Matt Panzer Thank you for getting back to me on this and clarifying the difference between Page Unit / World Units. So that does answer my query for some hatches being scaled and some don't. But I find this could cause more problem like @Michal Zarzecki mentioned in his post, please find the scenario at the bottom and what would be you suggest method? Scenario: Architectural plan drawing showing everything out of boundary in 'Demise hatch' (Pictured above with settings) and I require 3 Drawings @ 1:100 GA Plan, 1:25 Room Plan & 1:2 Details and each of these are viewported on an A1 page. If the hatch is World Based, then these hatches will look different due to world spacing but at the least there will be 'some' consistency. (1:2 will have bigger spacing due to viewport scale like @Michal Zarzecki mentioned) However, if the hatch is Page Based, then hatches will match it's spacing length in paper space regardless of the viewport scale which means, the user will still have to play with the viewport settings to get the hatch looking right. I do apologies for the late reply as I have been away from the office but I hope this makes sense? Unless there is another method that I am not aware of but I can't seem to find an in-depth video which talks about Hatches in such detail like @Michal Zarzecki suggests. Many Thanks for clarifying your earlier point, Dishav
  11. Hi @Matt Panzer Please find below the file attached showing the examples I mentioned in the post above. Am I correct to understand that if a hatch is in Design Layer as World Unit, it will scale in the viewport in the sheet? Because in the file, I've had to change those hatches (indicated on the sheet layer w/ green text) from World Unit to Page Unit for it work. Many Thanks, Dishav Hatches (Print).vwx
  12. Hi @Matt Panzer , So regarding the issue, I have found something that works but I don't know if this is how it is suppose to work? The office where I work at it is also facing a similar issue of not being able to change the hatch scale via the Viewport. The hatches are set up to World Units, initially. What I have found is, if you select the hatch and 'Edit' the hatch and change the World Units to Page Units, then you go to the viewport and edit the scale via 'Advanced Settings', it scales the hatches that are only for Page Base. Image below shows 5 hatches that change were to Page Based, and the ones that didn't get changed remain the same at screen. Scale Factor is 0.01 for the stark difference. The only problem with this is, the user will have to adjust the hatch per viewport. Can the hatches not work with World Unit and still be able to scale it? I don't understand why this is not possible?
  13. @Marissa Farrell I feel it's a bug definitely because currently I use VWX at work only and I do shut down my workstation everyday (resulting in freshly open VWX when I come in). You are correct as restarting VWX does not bring the bug up as long as I do not use Marionette Tool, but when I do bring in various Nodes, this bug will begin. I have tried various files and new files but it does not seem to be the file but VWX itself otherwise I would have attached the file for you to examine. Thank you for replying back as it's not something major and I can work with RightMouseButton to select but just wanted to know what & why it was happening as I thought it could be a feature to select Marionette Nodes in a different way.😌
  14. I have been using Vectorworks 2019 since January this year and had no selection issue, however I have a query since I've started using/learning the Marionette Tool, it seems to randomly not select any object using the Left Mouse Button. The object will be highlighted in orange but no OIP selection, however if I Right Mouse Button click on the object, the information will appear. However, it's not always happening but a-lot of the time. Is this common glitch in VWX 2019 or just something I'm going through? It COULD also be the recent update SP5.2 that I did but no-one in my work environment seem to have the same issue as me. (and I'm the only one using the Marionette Tool so...my only deduction is a glitch?)
  15. @MRoth I don't know much about the Data Flow & String Nodes and it seems that is what you have used so I will give this a go. Thank you for your explanation on this and looking at your network it makes sense. Hopefully it works the way I intend to use it! ....now only to make the drop down option with default values. Many Thanks!
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