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  1. @Marissa Farrell I feel it's a bug definitely because currently I use VWX at work only and I do shut down my workstation everyday (resulting in freshly open VWX when I come in). You are correct as restarting VWX does not bring the bug up as long as I do not use Marionette Tool, but when I do bring in various Nodes, this bug will begin. I have tried various files and new files but it does not seem to be the file but VWX itself otherwise I would have attached the file for you to examine. Thank you for replying back as it's not something major and I can work with RightMouseButton to select but just wanted to know what & why it was happening as I thought it could be a feature to select Marionette Nodes in a different way.ūüėĆ
  2. I have been using Vectorworks 2019 since January this year and had no selection issue, however I have a query since I've started using/learning the Marionette Tool, it seems to randomly not select any object using the Left Mouse Button. The object will be highlighted in orange but no OIP selection, however if I Right Mouse Button click on the object, the information will appear. However, it's not always happening but a-lot of the time. Is this common glitch in VWX 2019 or just something I'm going through? It COULD also be the recent update SP5.2 that I did but no-one in my work environment seem to have the same issue as me. (and I'm the only one using the Marionette Tool so...my only deduction is a glitch?)
  3. @MRoth I don't know much about the Data Flow & String Nodes and it seems that is what you have used so I will give this a go. Thank you for your explanation on this and looking at your network it makes sense. Hopefully it works the way I intend to use it! ....now only to make the drop down option with default values. Many Thanks!
  4. @Steve Kelly Hi Steve, Would it be possible for a more in-depth description about the work? I am based in the Midlands and have been using Vectorworks for the last 4 years in a practice and have become very proficient with it. My work already includes drawing packages in the architecture field and it seems that I may be of some use as a freelancer for you. If you'd like to get in touch with me on my email, I'd be happy to help - arch.dish6@gmail.com
  5. Hello, I'm new to using Marionette Tool in Vectorworks and am finding it very useful for simple parametric object creation. I'd appreciate to know if there is a way to set the marionette-object with pre-defined values which can be selected in a drop-down selection in the object info palette? And, to take the above further, it is also possible to add a 'Custom' option where the user can add their own value and the marionette object will follow? To visualise this, imagine a rectangle with 'Width' and 'Height' defined and user can select it from the Object Info drop down but those 'standard' value may not be suitable (due to real-life use) and needs to change that rectangle to a project based value, therefore also a custom option in the drop-down where the user can specify 'Width' and 'Height'. I don't wish for someone to make the network for me, I'd like to learn and build it myself Thank you in advance.
  6. Visiting this topic as it's something I'm looking to do in Vectorworks 2019, does anyone know if this is implimented? I'm trying to create a few objects where the values are determined by pre-define input nodes but also a custom option where a value can be manually added by the user. Is this possible?
  7. Hello all, I'm a 2D Vectorworks user who is new to scripting/marionette and I am in the process of creating a 2D Door plan plug-in object type. The problem I am having is I don't know how to else to mirror an object from the center axis of an another object. The door image shows the red fill elements that I want to create (using mirror node) on the red line axis. I have got loci's of both center point and tried various ways to mirror it on the X & Y axis of those loci. I have been able to do this when I add a second point into the axis (i.e if point 1 is on (100, 50), the second point would be (100, 0) creating a line in y axis) however, if I change the door size in OIP, then it doesn't mirror how I want it to. I've attached my method of marionette nodes, again this is my first attempt at this so any feedback in my working method would be very much appreciated. Am i doing something wrong in the script or is there another method? (The reason for my own door even though VW has its own, is simply because of appearance and ease of use compared to the IFC door plug in.)


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