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  1. Issue solved. I'd simply made the geoimage viewports (if that's what they're called) too large. When I reduced the size down to something manageable, the resolution is comparable to what I see on my ESRI online webmap. Great feature.
  2. I've just updated to VW Landmark 2020, adopting early because I frequently import shapefiles and other GIS data. I was hoping that the GeoImage data would provide me with a simple means of bringing aerial imagery into my drawings, rather than creating and importing imagery or geoimagery from external GIS sources. I'm currently finding that the mapping is fine for very large scale plans, but is too pixelated to be of much use at smaller scales. I've tried adjusting the resolution, but this doesn't help. We have an ArcGIS subscription, so have logged into the ArcGIS field in the Service info tab. If we can get this resolution issue sorted this could be a superb feature. The GIS stake tools will likely be excellent tools when we come to construction on some of the restoration projects I'm currently working on. www.pacifictrees.ca


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