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  1. Ischeer,

    What are you going to do with the CAD model?

    If you need all the detail, perhaps 3D scanning might be a better way to approach this shape. There are various application to convert scanned data to nurbs, if your application requires nurbs surfaces.

    You might be able to model it in VectorWorks if you don't have other options, but other software may present a much faster and direct method.

    I think a polygonal modeling program, with subdivision surfaces, might be a good option. If you need nurbs, you could then have the polygonal model converted.



  2. Katie,

    Lets say I wanted 0.001" accuracy.

    Since 0.001" = 0.0254mm, the the number of decimal places required to express the same measurement would be different in each units system.

    So perhaps English decimals = 0.0000 and Metric decimals = 0.00000 for 0.001" accuracy???


  3. Hi Jim,

    If you are using EPS format, try converting to TIFF, and then reimport it in VW. We have had problems with printing EPS images on our 2600.

    The PostScript hardware in the printer uses ASCII, not binary, when printing from the Mac, so this might be the reason for EPS problems.

    I guess you could also try saving an EPS from PhotoShop in ASCII format, and then import that image into VW to see if that makes a difference. Using ASCII will increase the file size quite a bit.


  4. Tony,

    If you are using Illustrator 10 or later, you can save as a DWG, which preserves the bezier curve representation.

    I have also found that compounds in Illustrator do not import correctly in Vectorworks. To get around this, release the compound before you save the file.

    Your client has to create the VectorWorks equivalent of a compound after they import the file. Your client can do a "send to front" on the counters, and then use the "clip surface" function to recreate the compound.

    Or email me the Illustrator file, and I'll fix it in VW for you.



  5. I purchased a 17" NEC LCD a few months ago. The quality of the display is absolutely stunning!

    I have it next to my old 17" NEC CRT, and the colors and contrast on the LCD are much better than on the CRT.

    I have noticed that some laptop LCDs do have issues with accurate color and contrast, perhaps due to size/weight constraints? So I don't think its fair to compare laptop LCDs and desktop LCDs.

    As has been suggested, try to view several models for a comparison test.

    Also, get one with DVI even if you don't have a DVI video card now. The LCDs should last longer than a good CRT, and you will want this option later.

    Good Luck,


  6. I have a problem with OpenGL not rendering certain objects. It appears to be related to the level of zoom, and if I'm too close, the object does not render. The strange thing is that the extents of the object are within the window, and the object size is neither extremely large, nor extremely small.



    VW 10.5, Mac OS 9.2.1

  7. I spoke with someone at HP about this ...

    125" is the limit for plotters WITHOUT Postscript with few exceptions. Using HPGL does not overcome this limit. If Postscript is used, then the length is limited by the application.

    Jeez, I wish they would print this stuff in the plotter specs.


  8. Someone please help me out here ....

    The specs for many inkjet plotters from Epson and HP indicate maximum print length considerably LONGER than 125", though they are not specific about which operating system allows such a length

    Why would the specs for these plotters indicate print lengths such as much as100ft if the OS does not allow this?



  9. Hi All,

    I've got a few related questions:

    Does the plot length limit of 125" refer specifically to raster based inkjet printing through Windows? (In my experience, pen plotters do not have such a limit.)

    Does plotting using HPGL on an inkjet plotter overcome this limit?

    Are there print drivers (even if unsupported by Microsoft and other application vendors) that circumvent this limit?



  10. Katie,

    My profile IS planar (a circle), my path is non-planar.

    In the past, I have used extrude on path on non-planar NURBS curves (for the path) that have been extracted from surfaces with success.

    Therefore, I suspect there is a problem with how VW interprets the NURBS curve if the point locations in Z have been modified "manually".



  11. Hello,

    I would like to extrude along a non-planar (NURBS) path; however, VW refuses to do the extrusion. I know my path and profile objects are fine, since VW will do the extrusion with the planar path.

    Once I move some of the points on the path object on the Z axis, I can't extrude it anymore.

    Is this a limitation of VW, or am I missing something?



    Mac OS 9.2.1

    VW 10.5

  12. Hello,

    It appears that some functions are missing after having updated to 10.5.0, (21095). I am on Mac OS 9.2.1 and using Carbon Lib 1.6 as required.

    None of the additional functions that should appear in the "Model" menu show up. Other new functions, such as in the 3D Tools palette, are there.

    Note that I already have uninstalled and dumped the preferences, and then reinstalled 10.1 from CD, 10.1.2 patch, and 10.5 patch so I'm pretty sure its not my system.

    Perhaps I have a "bad" 1.5 patch???

    I'll be away for a few days, so I won't be able to respond to any questions until I return late Thursday.



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