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  1. thanks all for this advice and input, to be honest I had been getting negative vibes about vectorworks for a few coworkers over the years so im delighted to hear your positivity about it as a tool for booth design 🙂 @EAlexander that makes a lot of sense @Phil hunt thanks a mill, will definitely check out artlantis as, although i do plan to stick with this, I also was to get up and running asap and have limited time for training. beautiful example there, i like the lighing effects... @bcd thank you for seconding the approach of using VW for everything, definitely worth me investing my time in it @Grethe Connerth thanks so much Grethe, fantastic work, I will certainly look up those settings when I get to that stage...
  2. EAlexander, halfcouple this is so helpful, exactly what i needed to get through the overwhelm and focus! One last question as you guys are knowledgeable in this field - I have to use Vectorworks for the files supplied for the modular stands, but with the purely custom stands, would I be quicker to learn to do those in Sketchup? thanks again guys...
  3. Hi all, I am very much a beginner having used vectorworks designer for basic survey drawings, room plans and interior elevations. I now need to learn how to design exhibtion stands/trade show displays/custom booths. I will need to do this in 2 different ways... Firstly 'fully custom', meaning the panels and structures which will be created from wood flats in any variety of shapes and sizes, and clad with print, fabric or laminate. Secondly, I will be using modular components, the supplier has given me elements as .vwx 'objects' (? Im not acutally sure of the correct term) and also sample layouts using these components, also .vwx files. I will need to move/remove/add components to tailor each design and then add custom images to the surfaces of these components to show the print/finishing. For both I will need to output an annotated floorplan for each design as well as a 3D elevation. I know there are a wealth of tutorials and information I can use to educate myself but I don't know where to start and need guidance so that I'm studying in the right direction e.g. should I use spotlight version of vectorworks or a different stream what tools, process, tutorial paths are the most relevant? do i necessarily need a rendering add-on and if so is there a specific one I should focus on? Thanks in advance, wayway
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