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  1. Is there anyway to render the glow of the light emitting from the light fixtures using Renderworks or Redshift? I have been modeling a glow surface that doesn't cast shadows and placing it in-front of the lens but that is very time consuming.
  2. Yes from a single mesh surface. I thought there was maybe a tool I was missing to just create from the mesh.
  3. When I choose "Site Model from Source Data" it changes the 3D poly into a flat site model instead of retaining the 3D polys mesh.
  4. I have a 3D poly that I want to make my existing site model. I cant figure out a workflow. Anyone have an idea?
  5. How do I make an LED screen actually emit light in renders? It seems to not have any back luminance emitting from the screen in "REALISTIC SPOTLIGHT" renders. This seems to be true for television screens and projection screens as well.
  6. How do I see the results of a photometric grid without having to add a focus point for every fixture? I have 70 house lights that I want to see the results of brightness without having to dump 70 focus points in.
  7. Well I know in the MEP tools there is receptacle tools and circuit planning tools that include the imperial symbols. These would be immensely helpful for AVL and to have in spotlight. Seems not fair to not have those in spotlight when they are SO important for the entertainment industry.
  8. I think "Power Devices Imperial" is already made, it just isn't included with spotlight which seems very odd.
  9. Also why in the world are there "Power Devices Metric" but no "Power Devices Imperial" for symbols. That seems super odd to me and I am don't understand why I have to draw these my self when power is a super integral part of entertainment planning!
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