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  1. And now it works fine...all images I upload are now working out fine and I can do the 360ºtour without issues...strange.
  2. So it seems to be a MAC/PC issue. I just logged into my account on a colleagues machine (PC) and everything worked perfectly - no issues with the already-uploaded images - and I was able to create the virtual tour without issues. So far I have tested creating the tour in Chrome and Safari on MAC...will have to test FireFox now to see if that makes a difference. J
  3. Thanks for sharing this great resource! The Theasys platform looks pretty great for the interim, however I am trying to minimize the amount of software I need to go through to create the virtual tours 🙂 Will definitely give this a try. J
  4. I am having the exact same issue (using 2020)...wonder if it's a MAC issue as I am on MAC as well...Have reached out to tech support but have not heard back as of yet. Hope to have this resolved soon as I really need this feature for some upcoming presentations!
  5. @JMR I read on this post that the Quadros are not really recommended for VW as they pose some issues with driver conflicts and incompatibilities...potentially could be causing some issues?
  6. Hi Matt - not a problem! Do you foresee this issue being resolved at some point for 2019? thanks for the help so far. J
  7. Hi Matt, Please try this file. I just tested it again and the same issue happens. It is not just this file, it seems to be any file that I have when I use the same settings for lighting options, etc... Hopefully something can be figured out 🙂 James TestModel.vwx
  8. Hi All, I can't find any info on this so hoping someone can help. I have a bunch of sheets set up with viewports and am using Final Quality renderworks as the rendering option. LIghting options is set to 4 bounces, overall light at 40% with 35% ambient occlusion. Rest is default. when I am on the sheet and select the viewport to update, the rendering comes out perfect. All of the lights are taken in to account and I get a final quality rendering with shadows, etc...however sometimes I would like to update all 14 sheets in my document at the same time as it is faster. If I use the View>Update All Viewports option from a design layer, all of the sheets update however they are lacking any of the final quality rendering settings. There are no shadows, lighting and colors are off, and generally just looks flat. Any ideas? Below are samples of updating all viewports option and updating within the sheet. Thanks! James
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