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  1. Thanks all for your help I will try the 10.2.6 update and let you know the outcome. We have spoke to HP and downloaded the latest DesignJet driver. We are currently doing as you suggested, transfering the file to an OS9 machine and plotting - and this works fine. I will let you know. Thanks. Simon
  2. I have a Mac running MacOS 10.2.2 & Vector works 10 and I wish to print to a HPDesignjet 500PS which is connected to a Mac running MacOS9 with the HP RIP software. I have other macs running OS9 which are printing fine. The Mac with OS10 can see the RIP through the Print centre but will not print to it. It goes through all the normal motions but nothing gets sent to the RIP. Please can someone advise me on how to overcome this problem. Many thanks Simon
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