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  1. Turn all the classes on - save sheet - name 'On'. Turn all the classes off - save sheet - name 'Off'. Of course you will have to resave these if you add new classes. [ 10-14-2003, 10:34 PM: Message edited by: EvB ]
  2. I would like to be able to custom select all windows or doors in a layer or class and be able to put them in their own class or change their color/texture, etc without changing the walls they are positioned in. For instance if I have a [Wall-New] class with numerous doors that I would like to put in a [Door-New] class, at present each door must be selected individually and reassigned individually. Even manually selecting each door by holding the shift key, suddenly the walls are selected too?! I want to be able to change the attributes of these multiply selected windows, such as width, jamb details, head height etc. all at once. Can you combine this with the schedule feature so attributes can be assigned via the schedule? You may be asking yourself, "Why would this person put windows or doors in a different class when if the wall class is turned off - so are the doors and windows even though they are in a different class?" Keep it intuitive please.
  3. When Exporting as Photoshop file the image area does not line up with anything in the drawing, not the paper, or the render window. How can I make this work, and will I be able to have a higher resolution than the choppy Print to PDF resolution? Does scale have anything to do with it? Running VW 9.5.2 (although the .3 upgrade was installed it does not appear in the About menu box), on OSX.


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