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  1. (Using: Vectorworks Spotlight) I'm trying to place a lighting fixture on my plot, and I am having a problem where the fixture won't autopopulate its attribute fields using the data from the symbol selected. Except, this is only happening with the ETC S4 50deg symbol; if I try to use say the 36deg symbol, it autopopulates as expected. In addition, using the 50deg symbol won't update the symbol list for use in the instrument summary tool. The confusing part is, when I look at the instrument symbol selector list, all the appropriate data is present when the 50deg symbol is highlighted, so it's there, just not being used. UPDATE: I deleted all instances of the symbol from the plot and purged it from the file. Then I used the fixture tool to place the symbol onto the plot again, and everything populated as expected. AND the 50deg symbol was added to the fixture symbol list and was referenced by the instrument summary tool as expected. Still not sure why I had to do that, though. Unless there is a bug where it doesn't download all the symbol data when you use the 'Replace Lighting Device' feature if you haven't already placed another original instance of the fixture using the instrument tool?


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