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  1. Now that VW has fixed the Absolute Address setting - I'm wondering if there is a setting to allow the use of a custom separator between the universe and address? In other places where I track this data, I usually use a "." instead of "/". (as in: 2.314 in place of 2/314). It would be amazing if I could get VW to track this same formatting. Does such a setting exist?
  2. @Jesse Cogswell Glad to hear I'm not losing my mind! @Mark Eli Any word if this is a known discrepancy, and/or if there is an anticipated change to the profile?
  3. Hi - Just adding Mac Encore Performances to Vision for the first time. It appears to me as though the Zoom range is inverted (min=wide and max=narrow) relative to the ETC Eos profile (with which I have had no problems in the past). Is this a known issue for others? Or is there a way for me to invert that part of the profile in Vision? Thanks
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