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  1. Travis,

    I have a nearly indentical set-up and have experienced no problem like this. (Plenty of others in the world of OS X printing though ;-). Are you certain of your page set-ups? Check to see that in Page set-up > Settings > Vectorworks > Scaling:100%. Page attributes should also be set accordingly of course.

  2. I am not nearly as savvy as I would like to be with VW 3d but I can at least offer this: when one is drawing is a 3d view, the snaps, at their most basic level, treat the view as a 2d drawing space. (As if one is working with a tracing of a 3d view.) This applies to 2d objects as well as 3d.

  3. I'm using the 120nr and it is going well with Panther and VW 10.5.1. Seems to me I've given it a whirl in 9.5.2 as well but not enough to say anything good or bad.

    If you get the 120nr you may as well connect via ethernet for the speedier throughput. (The speed of the printer itself may be the weak link though.)

    The 120nr is slow at higher qualities but the drawings look good. The printer itself is butt ugly and a bit noisy as the fan does not power down when the printer is at rest. (The printing process itself is not noisier than the fan.)

    When I was shopping for a large format printer, I don't think the 500ps had drivers available for OS X yet, that is why I did not l look at it any further. (Just at the HP web site, and while there are no doubt workarounds, I still see nothing saying the 500 supports OS X. Seems to me I've read posts on the boards though of someone using it with OS X. Have you tried a search?)

  4. Well, that is a puzzle. "Rotate" is not actually rotate of course, but in the page set-up you do need to choose the proper sheet orinetation. (The thing that used to have the dog cow on it. But maybe you are new to all of this and you know no dog cows.)

    If, on screen your sheet is longer than taller, select the orientation figure that has the little man sideways. (I use the second one as it yields more favorable margins for construction documents.)

    If this is not there, HP has some explaining to do. Otherwise, Katie's tip will work, you could just create a custom paper size.


  5. Mark,

    If you're buying the network model you should just go ahead and hook up to ethernet even if working from one Mac. Ethernet is faster than USB and you won't need to learn two ways of printing.

    On bluelines, the last bunch of prints I requested were actually bluelines. I have been surprised to see photocopies though at every job site I've visited of late. (Photocopies do have many advantages on a job site.)

    What surprised me most was that even the little print shop in Hagerstown, MD where I made those prints (not exactly a major metro area :-) prefers making photocopies.

    Why? Becuase the photocopying machine scans the originals the first time through. Any subsequent prints are then delivered through a series of button pressing. No handling of originals required. I was pretty impressed but opted for blue lines to save a few pennies.

  6. Hugo,

    See if you can duplicate the following crash. (I've sent the crash report to the tech email; don't know if anyone reads that address or not. :-)

    Open two files. Select the text tool. Click in the drawing space to activate the tool. Use the keyboard shortcut (CMD-tilde) to change from one open file to the next.

    The crash does not occur when changing files via the "window" menu.

    The crash will sometimes occur when opening a new file from the finder but other strange behavior appears. iIn one case, the inability to exit the tect tool.

    Otherwise, I, like you, have found the Panther-VW 10.5.1b combo to work like a charm.



  7. Gerry,

    Sounds like you may be missing something in the "set print area" dialogue, in the "Page" menu. (Although I don't see why your printer would not print multiple sheets.) Either that, or you're missing something in your "page set-up" under the file menu. Make sure page set-up is the sheet you need and then "print area" is set to "one page".

    Cipes raises a good point. There are a number of things ISO A1 can be confused with (although I did note that, while not part of my driver package for my printer -- likley because it is a North American version -- ISO A1 is available in the "set print area" menu item. I am assuming you are talking about the international standard for paper size. If not, my suggestions will make no sense. :-)

  8. What do you see when you print/preview a PDF in, well, Preview?

    Does the sheet set-up "stick" after you run the print or do you need to reset the sheet set-up after each try?

    (I see you're in Ireland. Funny that. I just had Guinness for dinner with a side of mussels. Yum.)

  9. Mark,

    After working out the kinks, I have found the quality of prints from the 120 to be as good as any, better than some.

    That may not sound like a ringing endorsement but it has been some years since I've seen the output from large format printers to compare.

    I was able to see a plot from my PowerBook before buying though. Any chance you can do the same? I've not printed on vellum -- I do have a poor man's vellum which was recommended to me for final prints. (Don't know if you could get a blue line from it; does anyone actually run those anymore?)

    Where are you located?

  10. quote:

    Originally posted by Philip Wheelock:

    Not sure why anyone or any office who actually relies on VW for a living would upgrade to Mac OSX 10.3 while the only Vectorworks version that works under it is still in beta.

    No choice when you buy a new DP 2GHz G5, that's why. (Well, I suppose you could downgrade your OS but who wants to do that? Panther is a superior environment in most repsects.)

    When I needed to buy the new tower, I checked with my VW sales rep and he assured me that the "beat" in the "beta" was not a stablity issue -- just a not-fully-inplememted-features issue. As it is, I've discovered more functionality in the beta as some of them must have been broken in my previous set-up. Never thought to look into those things (bugs?) simply because I did not know they were there!

  11. Katie,

    The problem occurs when I go from 300 dpi to 2500 dpi. The page set-up will "stick" at the lower resolutions but geos to 8-1/2"x11" (or A4 depending on the default for the prointer) at any higher resolution. 720 dpi also seems to be okay, with the value entered from the keyboard.

    With plain paper, set at "best" mode all of the prints look nearly the same and none of them are pretty. The 720 dpi print does look marginally better but is still not as sharp as it should be (a far cry form the 720 dpi prints in older versions of VW in OS 9 that I was getting from a Epson 2000P).

    On a hunch, I went about testing a change with the print quality as defined by the HP driver. What I learned is (on the same paper) setting my print media to a type that would make available the setting "high resolution" (in this case I used "HP proofing media") the quality of the print improves dramatically at 300 dpi.

    It looks as sharp as anything I have ever printed from VW and the speed at which it is printing (an indicator on the 120nr of quality) has slowed to a crawl. ;-)

    Bottom line: higher HP print quality setting imporves print qaulity more than higher dpi in Vectorworks setting. 2500 dpi Vectorworks setting breaks page set-up.



  12. I'm still puzzled about what it is you need but it sounds like you have things under control.

    As an extra, I recently changed the default "redo" key command to the somewhat standard "cmd-shift-Z". By default, this brings up the plug-in creator dialogue. I assigend the new command in the system pref's and changed the assignment in Vectorworks. (The new "redo"short-cut takes effect only after logging out and in again.)

  13. Katie,

    Is there a fix for the same bug in VW 10.5 in OS X? Page set-up goes to default small paper size -- in both of my larger format printers -- when changing to highest print resolution. (I've been printing in VW Viewer in Classic as a work-around. Not exactly a time-saver. :-)

  14. For other reasons entirely, which I have noted on another thread (not going to look for it now), I have been printing to a 120nr from VW10 Viewer in Classic mode to get the best possible black on plain paper.

    Note though, that unless you set the document preferences to "Black & White", gray scale will be interpreted excatly as that (although the print dialogue does allow you to adjust how gray -- this is still too gray if you have any light colored hair lines to print).

    I've had the 120nr up and runnning for about 1 month and while it has not seen a lot of use yet, it has been mostly a good choice.

    Caveats: it is ugly as sin and the fan runs constantly (when the printer is on of course). At best quality, it is also slow.

    Interesting to note: HP tech support for the Mac is very speedy due to our smaller numbers -- I have never waited on hold to speak to a technician. (I had a set-up glitch. My own fault -- or maybe I should blame the poor documentation. ;-)

  15. Chris,

    In case you're curious, I'm using a Logitech mouse with Panther and VW10.5.1 and not all dialogue windows have scrolling enabled. Also no joy with a Kensington mouse on a TiBook running Jaguar and VW10.1.2.

    I was not aware of all of those modifers to the scroll wheel (from that other thread). Those are fantastic!

  16. Same problem here. I have a Epson 2200 (new as of a week ago) and am running VW 10.1.2 in OS X 10.2.6. The page set-up command allows me to see a proper page set-up for "US B (11x17) landscape" but, when I print, the page prints as if the page set-up was for "A4 portrait" -- indeed that is what shows as my page set-up after the file has been sent to print.

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