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  1. Hello all, Thank you very much for your replies on this subject. I will show your replies to the company I am working for. In the meantime, your reactions are highly appreciated. I wish you all a very nice day and all the best. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  2. Hello Everybody, The company I am working for works presently with VW 9.5.1 on a Mac G4 867 Mhz. It just runs fine but there is no extra space left. We use Mac OS Classic 9.2.2. Now we intend to upgrade to VW 11 latest version and Mac OS X also the latest version. Can you tell us if the Mac G4/867Mhz together with Mac OS X and VW 11 will run smoothly? We fear depending on the post regarding this subject, that our Present G4 Mac will be too slow. Thank you very much for your reply and have a nice day. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  3. Hello Raymond, Thank you very much for your very clear explanations. Indeed the dimension consist of one simple text object. Only a number who shows the length or widht of the object.. I will experiment with both methods to see which works best for us. People who are working with VectorWorks at that company use the option "no fill behind a text". However when they put a dimension on an object, the number is centered vertically on the dimension base line. So the line is visible on the dimension. Therefore I created a script (years ago) which activate the background again on every dimension on the drawing. I added the shortcut "ctrl" + "," to that PIO. So it is my intention to insert your procedure in the existing code. I will add your copyright notices on every procedure which contain your code and also put our copyright notices on the beginning of the script. When the complete script is ready I will put a copy of the code here on this post. Thank you very much for your help which is very appreciated. I wish you a very nice day and all the best. You are a very helpfully person. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  4. Hello Everyone, Can you help me with the following problem. We use VectorWorks 9.5.1 on a Mac. I like to change the textsize of a dimension (height and width of an object) within a VectorScript. This is the situation : First the objects are drawed. Then the dimensions of the objects are placed in the document. Then the script will be running who has to change the text height of the used font in another height. When I manually select a dimension (line + text) I can change the textsize inside the fonts menu. However when I select the same dimension with a script I do not succeed in changing the text height. Can you tell me how I can accomplish to change the text size of a dimension? Your input will be highly appreciated. I wish you all the best and have a nice day. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  5. Hello Jan15, Thank you very much for your advice and nice thoughts. I was not used with the "Custom Selection..." but I tried it out. This method has certainly very powerfull options. Indeed by classing or naming the objects, you can make a very precise selection. In fact I do VectorScript programming. I am not the person who create the drawings. Therefore I try it out and then when I have an understanding it goes up the hierarchical ladder to the person who actually does the drawings. Thank you again for your help and I wish you a very nice day. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  6. Hello Jan15, Thank you very much for your clear and very helpfull explanation. Indeed this is just what we are looking for. I did a little experimentation and indeed it can solve our future export problems (for the present one it was not possible). I also want to apologize for the delay in my reply to your post. I was not at my home for several days, so I could not reply sooner. I thank you very much for your advice, which I also appreciate very much. I wish you a very nice day and all the best. Very much success in everything you do. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  7. Hello Jan15, Thank you very much for your usefull reply. Indeed your "hatches" idea sounds just what we need. Regretfully I do not know how to create a hatch. Can you tell me how to create a hatch? I thank you very much for your help and good advice. It is highly appreciated. I am glad that so many people here on this nice forum are willing to help each other. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  8. Hello Jonathan, Our client really need to make corrections and changes, which is not allowed by PDF and the VW viewer. On this moment I know too little about AutoCad to come up with a potential solution. Maybe we can create a VW script which writes the present objects parameters like fills and colors to a text file. This file will be stored within the same directory as the DWG file. After the DWG file is imported a script is activated in AutoCad which depending on the accompanion textfile, restores the fills. But on this moment this is only a preluminary idea. Maybe tomorrow morning I will have a better solution. Thank you very much for your help and have a nice day. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  9. Hello Jonathan, Thank you very much for your fast reply. I do not know exactly what version of AutoCad our client is using. I will ask but I do not think they are using AutoCad 2005. Despite the fact the viewer can only make very rudimentary changes which cannot be saved, I think it is still a good way to gain a good impression of how the drawings look. Thank you very much for your time spent on our problem. Have a nice day and all the best. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  10. Hello Everyone, We will appreciate your help with the following problem we received very much. We are using Vectorworks 9.5 on Mac OS 9.2.2 (Mac Classic). Our drawing consist of several different layers and a lot of self created symbols. Now we want to export our drawings to AutoCad because the clients have only AutoCad and need to make alterations on that drawing. Our problem is that we looses the fill colors in the exported DWG file. Also the exported DWG file has no fill behind the objects. Our drawings are all in 2D. Can you tell us how we can export our VW drawing to AutoCad with the fill colors unchanged? A side question : Will be the VW viewer an option for those people to view the VW document and make some very basic alterations? I appreciate you help very much and thank you in advance. I wish you also a very nice day and all the best. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  11. Hello, It should be a very nice option to change the colors in the VW color palette within VectorScript. In other words, when importing RGB value combinations in VectorWorks, that those values are not changed to the nearest available color position within the VW color palette. This is very important because without this option, it is almost impossible to use RGB (or any other color scheme data) within VectorWorks. It should be very nice when we can have complete control over the VectorWorks color palette within VectorScript. I hope we will see this happen in the future. I wish you a very nice day and all the best. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  12. Hello Jeff, Thank you for your explanation and adding this subject onto the VW wishlist. Indeed for my solution it is very important to change the VW color palette to the newly imported (or assigned) custom RGB color. The user of my program doesn't want to be bothered by color differencies nor will he understand the reason for those color shifts. I have to find a suitable workaround for this problem. This will not be easy but nothing is impossible or can't be done. You have to imagine that this calculation system is modular build. The color composer is only a very small part of the calculation program in RealBasic. Besides the color composer there is an address and project mangagement and administration system present in the RB made program. I specialised myself in those custom-made calculation solutions where the easy of use and user creativity is placed in the middle of the solution. Therefore the workaround may not limit the users creativity and must be completely transparent to him. I will find a way. I thank you very much for your time spent on my problem and appreciate your efforts very much. Your help and the help from Katarina and Raymond where very helpfull to me. I wish you a very nice day and all the best! Friendly greetings, Chrissy [ 07-30-2004, 06:28 PM: Message edited by: ClockWerX ]
  13. ClockWerX

    update event

    Hi, Indeed Ccroft is probably correct. This is what I found in the VectorScript Function reference about the ReDraw command : "Procedure ReDraw invokes a screen redraw of newly created objects in the active VectorWorks document. If new objects are to be manipulated using procedures which operate on selected objects, a call to ReDraw should precede the selected object routines to ensure that all new objects are correctly identified." According the the VS reference Redraw only updates the newly created objects. I can only advise you to try ReDraw and take a close look to what happens. I think this is the best option you have. Have a very nice day. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  14. ClockWerX

    update event

    Hello, I read your question and maybe I can be of some help. Try the following function in your VectorScript code : ReDrawAll; or ReDraw; The first function will redraw all your objects in your document. So possibly this will do the trick. I wish you a very nice day and all the best. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
  15. Hello Raymond, Thank you for your message. Indeed, I agree with you, possibly it is not possible to add custom colors by VectorScript to the VW palette. When someone of Nemetschek read this post, they can add such a function in the next release of VectorWorks. When I find a workaround on this problem, I will share it with you and all other people here on the forum. I wish you a very nice day and hope to see you on this excellent forum. Friendly greetings, Chrissy
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