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  1. I can confirm that the method you outlined does work although it needs a bit of tweaking after pasting into the new file. Although this is not a transfer of saved views directly it does offer a way to transfer a specific view between two files. The viewports come in without a name and can only be renamed in the object info dialogue. I recommend doing this or you will see a blank white list in the Organization Dialogue and it won't let you edit from there or the Navigation Palette. It does not respect visibilities and these must be reset. This not be the case if the files have the same layers and classes - I did not test that. In any case it is a decent work around for now. VW should really try to make this process easier - probably being able to import saved views would be best. It would allow an art director to easily set views and pass along without having to handle a complex working file or worry about the selected views not matching their intent. FYI I do not see saved views in the resource manager.


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