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  1. Has anyone else every experienced Lighting Devices in Spotlight randomly disappearing? For context. Layer Options - Show/Snap/ Modify Others Classes - All Visible Layers - Specific offending layer is the only layer visible. When viewing my drawing on my Design Layer I cannot see my devices, but when I press Ctrl+A or drag a marquee I am able to select everything. My viewport shows my devices and tells me what layer they are on. I was able to edit my device through the Resource manager to make sure every component was built on a visible class. This happened suddenly and I do not know what caused it. Needed to finish the drawing so I have already deleted the offending Device from the resource manager, rebuilt it and have moved on. However I would like to be able to deal with this without resorting to a full rebuiild. Can anyone provide guidance on the situation?
  2. Hey All, Looking to purchase a license for Vectorworks Spotlight. Ideally looking for 2019 but open to older versions. Cheers, Justin Hay
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