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  1. Hi @Ben59 Let me chime in here. I think you are jumping to conclusions. ConnectCAD is perfectly suitable for designing systems inside and outside racks. Many people use it every day for these purposes. Equipment items on floor plans and in racks are different from devices on schematics. If they were the same we would use the same object! An equipment item is the physical device. A schematic device is a container for some or all of the connectors available on a particular type of equipment. There may be more than one device on a schematic associated with the same physical equipment. For example, an audio-follow-video mixer would appear on the audio schematic AND on the video. Patch panels are divided into multiple devices so that you can place them into circuits. That way your schematic will illustrate the signal flow - its primary purpose. What this means in practice is that we cannot easily automate the creation of devices from equipment - because we do not know what is the configuration of those devices. Going from a schematic to physical equipment on the other hand is easy because each unique device name is one piece of equipment. In fact the name is the only thing we absolutely need to know in this case. The size, power and weight can be set later if need be. But let's look at how we could implement what you want for a moment. We have two cases: 1. the type of equipment / device is recorded in the Device Builder database - then we would create a device with all available sockets for that type 2. the type of equipment / device is a standard type e.g. patch panel, term panel, distribution amp etc. - then we create a standard device 3. the type of equipment / device is unknown to our database - then we create a blank device and you add sockets etc. All sounds great until you look at the details. By the time you've sorted out this mess of devices placed around the edges of your drawing, configured the blank devices, removed irrelevant sockets from Device Builder devices, you are probably looking at the same amount of work as creating the schematic from scratch. The bottom line is that there is always some work involved. I don't want to sound negative. We the ConnectCAD team are committed to working to make designers' lives easier. And these discussions are part of the way we move forward. I'm ready to work to support any workflow as soon as I can see a way through. Thank you very much for sharing these thoughts. Vectorworks 2022 will have many features that you will find interesting! I'm looking forward to working with you to make it even better. Kind regards Conrad Preen - Product Planner ConnectCAD
  2. @tk_ Agree. The forum search engine leaves much to be desired IMO. If you search topics then you have a chance. Inside threads it becomes unreasonable. I would encourage everyone to create a topic unless you are absolutely sure. When we attach these to bug reports it's way easier if it's a short thread. I'm certainly not criticising, just trying to make the best of what we have. Just FYI and for all the others out there. Conrad
  3. @tk_ Just a note. New topics cost nothing 🙂 and they don't allow me to move stuff for you.. So to avoid having your question buried in the noise here.... please create A NEW TOPIC 🙂 Conrad
  4. Hi Dave All I can suggest is this. You are admin, so you can see who is the owner of the files and what permissions are set, and change them. I don't think this is a Vectorworks issue but you can contact Tech Support and they'll do their best to sort it out. Thanks for the feedback. Conrad
  5. @DaveMvM Hi Dave There are a godzillion connectors in the world! But you aren't stuck with the ones in the application - you can add your own. Here's how https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/68432-did-you-know/&do=findComment&comment=351755. Feel free to add the connectors and signals that you need. They are saved in the user folder so you can use them in future projects. For bare wires we use - - > or < - - i.e 2 hyphens and a greater than or a less than sign. Bare wires is not really a connector, its like "no connector". So even - - - i.e. 3 hyphens meaning unknown connector would probably give the installers the right idea. Hear you about tutorials. May I use that as a quote? I am going to elevate this issue because I simply can't do it all. Conrad
  6. Hi @Fig For the years we've basically either used a device or cabling to represent this kind of thing. A device has the advantage that it has a make and model, and appears in the device list so it is more likely not to be forgotten. But as you say you end up with extra circuits. Modelling this as a set of circuits is OK if it isn't a special order item and gets made on-site from general installation materials. In short this question has always been there. I've tended to err on the side of keeping ConnectCAD as a whole simple. I have a new object on my roadmap that will represent these adaptors / breakout cables. So this will be resolved in a coming version. I can't tell you exactly when because that isn't my call. Best Conrad
  7. I've got to admit you have me worried, Ross. If ConnectCAD seems like such a mountain then I would really like to know where you are getting stuck so I can "flatten the curve" as it were... Conrad
  8. Hi Ross We'll keep that in mind but it's probably worth re-posting it here https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/forum/19-wishlist-feature-and-content-requests/ since it's more of a general request than specific to ConnectCAD Conrad
  9. Guess that's something we could think about. Meanwhile it's quite easy to work around. While you've got your devices selected just type in the new prefix with a space at the end and then renumber. Conrad
  10. Sounds like a job for a scripter...
  11. Hi Ross No it doesn't change the Equipment name. I can see your point, but I can also see potential snags. More than one schematic device can point to a particular Equipment Item. So at the moment it would be tricky to make this automatic. I'll think about it though and maybe I'll find a way. Conrad
  12. Hi James ANSI TIA 606-B is an interesting one. The challenge is that it stipulates a different cable number at either end of the cable. I guess that is handy for inter-area cables but for cabling within the same room it adds an extra wrinkle to installation. But since it is a standard I will put it on the map to support it. Luck to us! Conrad
  13. Hi Ross, This command simply renumbers selected sockets or devices. The command does not guarantee or check for unique device names. You should use Check Drawing for that. Remember device names don't have to be unique but socket names with a given devices should be unique. Check Drawing tests for this. Renumber Devices / Sockets can - either apply a numeric suffix to each selected item e.g. 1,2,3,4, - or apply and alphabetic suffix with a delimiter character e.g. _a, _b, _c etc. - existing suffixes of the chosen type are stripped off prior to renumbering - you can choose start value, increment, format etc. so you can have 3,5,7,9 or d,g,j,m and so on... - you can choose the order of numbering left-to-right, to-to-bottom stacking order etc. The suffix is applied to each device in the selection and incremented as we go. The parameters that get updated are Name and Display Tag. If you experiment a bit you will discover lots of ways to use this command. Hope I've helped a bit Conrad
  14. Hi @RD Design If you are on 2021SP3 I think this is the answer.
  15. Hi Ross Yes that's a nice idea. I have implemented something similar - a "Google it" button that we use internally which searches for <make> + <model>. The only problem that I can see with your suggestion is that the internet is a very dynamic place and things move around a lot. I suspect that it would keep someone extremely busy just checking and updating all the URLs. We are quite a small team taking care of ConnectCAD, we just manage to create the illusion that there are a lot of us by moving around very fast🤣 🤣🤣. Conrad
  16. Hi @AceRoehrborn We have added options in the Circuit object info palette to let you override the logic. Best Conrad
  17. Update Rack Elevation is due for a face lift so I will enter the "Selected devices only" option as a wish item. This is really easy and will help a lot. Presetting locations of devices is another can of worms altogether as you saw from my brief introduction. There are an awful lot of assumptions that have to hold true for that to work. Simple straightforward solutions are the way to go. Thanks very much for bringing this up! Conrad
  18. Hi Ross Yes it makes sense. But it isn't a complete workflow yet. Let's say for the sake of argument we made the Device location fields editable. Now what? What will be the behaviour when you create Equipment items? If the room exists shall we put the Equipment in it? and where? starting top-left and moving across perhaps? If the equipment is too much for the size of the room then shall we make the room bigger? and if it overlaps another room? If the room doesn't exist do we create it? and where? Complicated... Here's my 2c worth. The problem is that all the equipment arrives at once - like a bad removal firm! What if the command that creates the equipment had an option "Selected devices only"? Then you could select the devices in a particular room, create equipment and place it in the room on the layout drawing. Repeat until all rooms are done. That's an easy one to do. What do you think? Conrad
  19. More flexibility in how you can label arrow connections is very much on our roadmap. Conrad
  20. @livespace josha I love this kind of ingenuity! The combination of Spaces and Circuits hasn't been evaluated by our team but it certainly is interesting. Yes Circuits have a path regardless of the drawing style you choose. So there will be limitations as a result. Definitely food for thought. As you know we listen to what you say and this feeds into new features. Thanks !!! Conrad
  21. That's exactly it Eliot. The Circuit object effectively implements a database JOIN because at the moment the Vectorworks internal database doesn't support this. Goes without saying that this is something I want to change. Another problem that I see is that this forum contains loads of information but no way to access it! So we end up answering the same questions over and over. @hihosilvey it's not your fault the forum is deficient. Conrad
  22. Hi Thomas Well I just did a test and if I first de-number all the cables then both incrementing and generated sequences start from 1. Using Number Cables... that is. Conrad
  23. I've already said all that I can at this point.
  24. Well I'm not an expert on Spotlight - it was just a suggestion. Let me see where our numbering basis is stored.
  25. About the other request. The permutations of what customer may ask are limitless and we can only cater for the more likely ones. You can automate anything in Vectorworks / ConnectCAD using Vectorscript, Python or Marionette. Conrad
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