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  1. Please don't wimp out on portals for Version 10 of Vectorworks. This is in my opinion the only detracting feacture of Vectorworks. Even lightweight programs like TurboCad have this feature. Connectix has a product Virtual PC for Windows? which enables Windows users to run multiple PC operating systems simultaneously on a single machine, either as individual windows or as background tasks, surely a simliar Technology would enable Vectorworks to have multiple instances of itself. Give the Connectix programers an offer they cannot refuse to help you with this task.
  2. Could you please display a list of contact email addresses for those wishing to discuss very specific Vectorworks problems or to enable people to send files to Nemetschek which manifest or explain particular bug related difficulties. Please note your main email address tech@nemetschek.net is being returned to sender. I suggest you should nominate your main experts in particular areas for example. Architecture, Landmark, DXF/DWG related, DTM related and so on.
  3. I recently imported an image file (PC bitmap) produced from an old hand drawn architectural into VectorWorks version 8.5.2. the image file size was 3.8 MB, (PC hardward Pentium 2 266 Mhz with 96 MB ram) this was done so that I could trace around the image and therby coverting it into a VectorWorks file ie a manual vectorisation of the bitmap. Vectorworks, disappointingly, was so slow in respond ie screen redraws, drawing tool response was so slow, rendering the task futile. The same task was then done in AutoCad 14. AutoCad zapped along, zoom, pan, and tool response was quick. Why is VectorWorks so bad at this task? Why would AutoCad be so much faster? Note I have recently converted the bitmap to a PICT, however, there is no noticeable change in VectorWorks response.
  4. Black backgrounds can be enabled within the Vector Works Display Preferences, unfortunately the VectorWorks black background is still buggy even in VectorWorks 8.5.2b9. Text does not appear as you type, instead you get a white blob until you complete the text. You can change the text colour to yellow for example an its OK (ie you can see the text that you are typing) but one still gets white showing behind the text and not black as you would expect, that is until you complete the text by clicking outside of it. hite text on black background can be seen if you set the attribute fill to black and the pen to black, however, this is not a sound work around because the next graphic object to be drawn will not be able to be seen because black pen on black background is invisible. Any comments?
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