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  1. Hi Robert, Sorry for the delay in getting you the sample file. I've been swamped this week. I'll email you small test case illustrating this problem by end of day today. Thank You in advance for you help ! Chris
  2. I have updated my Plant Reference Database to include comments in the ?USER COMMENTS 1?, ?USER COMMENTS 2?, and ?USER COMMENTS 3? for plants that I use on a regular basis. I want this information displayed via the use of a Worksheet onto my landscape plan. I update the information successfully in the Plant Ref Database. I place a plant onto my drawing that has associated comments. I can see my added comments in the Object Info palette via viewing the Plant Record information. Next I create a new worksheet using the ?CREATE REPORT? Command that includes the ?User Comments? fields. The new worksheet creates without a problem however the text I had entered into the User Comments fields are truncated at 63 characters. Anyone encounter this problem before? Is this a ?bug? or is 63 characters the maximum length for a worksheet field? If the latter is true then why are you able to add up to 250 characters of data when adding comments in the Plant Ref Database. It would seem odd that you are given the capability to add up to 250 characters but only able to retrieve (view) characters. Vectorworks 11 Windows XP Thanks !
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm not sure I understand your reply. Here is what I believe you are saying. It does not matter if you edit plant symbols and colorize them prior to placing them in the drawing because upon placement they take on the current settings from the Attributes palette. Is that correct? Thank You.
  4. I want to create colorized plant symbols within my plant catalog but have been unsuccessful so far. I've tried two methods: A) Duplicate one of the supplied generic symbols in the 2D_PSyms library. Edit the new symbol adding a simple color fill to it. Edit my plant catalog creating a new plant definition and attaching to the definition my new colorized plant symbol. The colorized symbol appears in my plant catalog. So far so good. I use the Place Plant tool to place an instance of the plan into my drawing...the plant places sucessfully but there is no color. Here is the other option I've tried. B)Edit a symbol from within the Plant-Catalog in the document's System Folder. Add a simple color fill to the symbol. I use the Place Plant tool to place an instance of the plant (it is displayed as colorized in the Set Default Plant Tool Options dialog box) on the drawing...again the plant places successfully but there is no color. I recently purchased the Landmark Training CD for Version 11 and they demo colorized plant symbols being placed from the Plant Catalog into the drawing. However, they do not describe how the colorized symbols were created. Vectorworks/Landmark 11 - Windows XP Thanks.
  5. Robert, THANK YOU. Great info. I'll give it a try later today.
  6. All, I?ve been having a problem with the Plant List worksheet. All my plants have the ?On Plant List? tick-box checked in the Resource Brower. In addition within the Plant Catalog I have included comments in the ?Schedule Comments? and ?Schedule Size? fields. When I create a Plant List on my drawing some of the fields for a particular plant are blank. For example, I may have entered comments in both the ?Schedule Comments? and ?Schedule Size? for the plant but those comments do not appear in the Plant List. Interestingly enough the total number of plants calculated by the worksheet is correct but the comments are blank. Another strange point is that not all the plants exhibit this behavior. Some of the comments are included while others are not. I have not been able to identify a pattern or common thread that may indicate why some plants? comments show up in the worksheet while others do not. I have deleted and re-added the worksheet a number of different times but the behavior is always the same. One note: none of these plants are in the Plant Reference Database. I have only added them to the Plant Catalog. Any help or insight would be appreciated. OS: Windows XP Version: Vectorworks 10.1.2
  7. I have a cluster of plants which overlap slightly. How can I eliminate the intersecting lines in order to create the appearance of large single group? I create the cluster using the CLUSTER / ALONG POLY EDGES of the PLACE PLANT tool.
  8. pch

    VWL response is slow

    Robert, Thank You ! The file was evidently corrupted. Copying the layers as you described took care of the problem. Chris
  9. pch

    VWL response is slow

    All, I am using VW-Landmark version 10.1.0 and the response time is horribly slow. I'm new to VWL and this is my first drawing so I'm sure it is possible that with all my mistakes in the learning process that I may have corrupted some control file that VWL uses which may be causing the delayed response. Here are some specifics: Plant Styles are NOT being used. 3D is NOT being used. Workstation specifics: AMD XP 1.5GHZ Windows XP 752mb of memory The simplest actions result in a long delay. For example attempting the following actions: 1) change an attribute of an object 2) edit a gradient 3) duplicate a gradient result in an "hour glass" symbol being returned and VW being unresponsive for aaprox 90-120 seconds. Eventually the "hour glass" is gone the action is completed and I can move on with my next action. As you can imagine 2 minutes per action is completely unreasonable and makes the software rather useless at this point. The drawing is not complex. About 10 vegetation lines and about 10 different plants. I recently purchased VWL and for everything that I can see thus far I really like the product. I am hopeful that my many mistakes have somehow corrupted a control file that is causing such a delay in an action being completed. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi folks, I'm attempting to use the Vegetation Line option but having a problem. I create my objects, a simple one..a circle and an square. I ensure that both are selected then I access the AEC pulldown. I select PLANTS then VEGETATION LINE. I select STANDARD VEGETATION LINE and the "Delete Original" option. When I click "OK" both my objects DISAPPEAR ! If I do not select the "Delete Original" option then the objects are simply de-selected and remain as separate objects with no vegetation line...they simply remain as two separate objects. On the other hand the CLOUD VEGETATION LINE works GREAT ! All help is appreciated !
  11. Hi Folks, I'm using VWL 10 and I am attempting to use the gradient fill. Works great BUT I have not been able to determine how to use colors other than the default black and white. I think I've tried all the different options and looked through all the menus including reading the manual. So I"m either overlooking the obvious or it must be rather tricky thing to do. When using a gradient fill how do you select the colors you want to use in the gradient? Thanks....Chris
  12. Folks, excuse my ignorance for I'm sure this is a simple question but I"m a novice user to Landmark. I'm off to Vectorworks training next week but I need to complete a project before then. I need to create a 2D chain link fence on my drawing (top view). I have not been able to locate any fence structures in the symbols libraries. I have decided to use a simple dashed line for the time being but I suspect there is a more intelligent way to accomplish this.


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