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  1. It seems that Live Data Visualization is exactly what I'm looking for?! But this will be a feature of the upcoming VW2020 I have to wait for. Anyway, thank you very much for this information. As I am not familiar with Marionette yet, I don't know how to solve both suggestions you have made. I think I have to do it by hand, to meet the tomorrow deadline. Thank you for your given support.
  2. Thank you for the quick reply. I know about the limitations regarding the instances of a symbol. You exactly descriped my idea - drawing a coloured box behind each symbol and assign both, the symbol including the box to a specified class. But what happens, if the values change? Will the boxes be replaced then? But I think, this will not be straightforward for me. I am completely new to Marionette and scripting. Would it be possible to get some help?
  3. Hello, I am not used to work with Marionette yet. But now I think I must start with it. But first maybe someone can help me getting rid of the following Problem: I have many different (also in size) Symbols in my drawing, which are all assigned to the same database. Depending on the value of one database field (8 possible values), the background of the symbols should be coloured and assigned to specific classes according to the specified values of the database field. The coloured background should be larger than the size of each specific symbol. The values will change during the project. That's why I need this process to work automatically. Do you see a chance to get this work in Marionette easily ūüėČ ? Thank you all in advance for a reply. cheers Arb


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