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  1. @Patrick FritschAre you really running Windows 7 per your signature? That may be the issue. I replied to your tech support email stating I am not seeing the issue you describe. Windows 7 is not a supported OS with Vectorworks 2022. https://www.vectorworks.net/sysreq
  2. @EvelyneB I apologize for missing this, I have sent you a DM and will be in touch through email. Rob
  3. @RafaelPernia Please reach out to us a CAtech@vectorworks.net. If you can, please send us a download link for that file so we can have a look at that issue. Otherwise I will respond with a link to send us the files. Rob
  4. @Innes Could you reach out to us at tech support? Please send us this file you are mentioning with the text issue and we will have a look. Please also provide us with the system specs of your Mac. Instructions can be found here Rob
  5. Samuel, this is due to unified view being turned off. I am just mentioning it here incase anyone else is experiencing the same issue. Rob
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