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  1. ‘Good job guys’. Are you absolutely kidding me? VW will not load on Catalina Beta 6. There are no dongle drivers compatible. No workarounds and many users rely on the dongle edition. You can do better, you just need to try harder. Bunch of muppets, never mind well done.
  2. Joseph, Of course, I have tried that. They do not work on Mac Catalina, hence my post. It seems odd this thread is about testing VW on Mac Catalina, but there are no drivers available to support the dongle required to run the software. How are others testing the software under the Beta program?
  3. I’m having issues with my VW Sentinel Dongle installing Mac VW 2019 on Catalina Beta 5. No red light on the dongle. Are there Sentinel 64 Bit drivers available to support the VW dongle? Regards BD macBook Pro 2019
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