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  1. I resolved this by duplicating our favorites file and renaming it. After that it wasn't a problem to attach it as a favorite file in the resources manager. It's a work around though. Not sure what was causing the problem. Oh, and sorry, I meant we were using iMacs.
  2. I was doing some house cleaning with our office file folders. I renamed the library folder that our Vectorworks favorite file was sitting in, and now we can't see this file in our Resource Manager. I tried adding it again and nothing happens. I removed the file from the folder, restarted Vectorworks, and I can't add it from my desktop either. I have also tried restarting the computer and I went through the permissions. Nothing has helped. I saw a post about removing it from the "cache", but I have no idea how to do this. If anyone can walk me through that, I would appreciate it. We are using Mac Pros. It is happening on all of our computers.
  3. Thanks Boh, Unfortunately, the gradients are all on the same, general furniture class. Your idea of deleting the gradients out of the resource manager might have worked, but we found the solution is to edit the symbol in 2D, select all, and then change all the attributes to style of class. Still a bit of a pain, but goes faster than trying to take the gradients out individually.
  4. Thank you drelARCH, but the work involved with editing every furniture symbol in 2D to put it in wireframe would be overwhelming. It simply does not make sense that a GL rendering is coming through when looking at the plan in 2D wireframe.
  5. We are using furniture symbols in our floor plans. We are happy with the type of furniture, but these symbols are coming in rendered even when the plan is set to wireframe. Without editing each symbol, how can we get these to appear in wireframe?
  6. We're still discussing that, so thank you again for the pdf.
  7. Thank you so much Peter. That is helpful to have.
  8. Yes, I think that is what he was trying to say. That in the current system, there are too many variables. I guess they just want to simplify it and have the door classes all be the same for the standard doors.
  9. He said something about having almost infinite choices about something, but to be honest, I didn't understand what he was talking about. I don't know the program well enough.
  10. Yeah, I find it strange as well. Kind of makes me want to jump ship and just go to Archicad like everyone else in Luxembourg.
  11. Ok, I called support. They have developed a new system in the latest update and forgot to put the button in the preferences to be able to change the class ahead of insertion. The man I spoke with has reported it. They have purposely removed the settings button under the Object Info palette and will not put it back. So the only option we have is to use the openings tool and in the preferences under general, we can change the main class and under graphic attributes we could change the classes of each element. We can then save it as a set (style?). I don't know if these updates will come in the English version or not, but you may run into this soon as well.
  12. Hi Christian, Ok, thanks. I'll call our support here this morning and try to figure it out from here. I am American by the way. I studied and practiced architecture there for years before coming here to Europe and I promise you, no one I know ever referred to the building structure or elements as its fabric. But language changes all the time. Perhaps it is a new trend.
  13. Hi again, I was on vacation, so I am just now seeing your response Christian. I guessed that was the case, but it is a British expression. We would never use the word fabric like that in the States, and with the German and French similar words with different meanings, it was just a little confusing. Got it now though. Moving on however, I have run into a different but related problem. I think we are on a roll with setting up the classes as we want to have them, but our windows and door plug ins are coming in with automatic class names. I have done some searching and the videos and help from Vectorworks says we can set up the classes for a door or window plug in by clicking on the "settings" button in the Object Info palette. The problem is that in our French version that "settings" button doesn't seem to exist. Is there another way to get to the settings and change the classes of the door and window elements? I also tried the preferences after clicking on the door tool, but that also doesn't give me a way to change the classes. See screenshots.
  14. Ok, thanks Christian. I think I'm starting to get my head around this. But what in the world is behind "fabric parts"? Are they trying to indicate that something is manufactured as in factory? The German word for factory is Fabrik, but in English fabric is cloth. That one really eludes me, but I am American so perhaps it's a British / American English issue.


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