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  1. We are using the Belgian version and the door/window tool is very nice, but it has one big problem that I cannot solve and it's more than annoying. The loci show up on all the doors and windows we create with it and they are not in NonPlot. I cannot find anyway to edit the symbol to change this in the preferences. The only way to correct it is to right click on the door after it is placed and "edit 2D components". Then I can grab the loci and change their class to NonPlot. But I have to do each door one by one. Whoever created this tool please fix this! Or help me figure out how to change it. Another problem with it is that I cannot change the door swing direction from the inside to the outside without inverting the wall face. Also very annoying.
  2. So, it's been more than a year since I posted this question and no one has answered. Is there really still not a solution for this?
  3. Hello, It seems that having a glass corner window with no mullion used to be possible in Vectorworks. Why is it not possible anymore? It's also not just a mullion, they put a huge column in the corner. If anyone knows how to do this properly with glass meeting glass, please let me know.
  4. This was posted in 2017. Has this been resolved? I agree. I took the time to set up the folder hierarchies in our favorites file, but when I look at our active files, they are a mess. Would be good if the folder came in with the symbol and when a folder is already there, the symbol went into the correct folder.
  5. Thank you so much Andy, that worked!
  6. I'm wondering if anyone has run into this or knows how to solve it. I placed a camera on a terrace, simply hit activate and this is what I got. The section lines class is off as well as the model limitation (called Limitation du modèle in French). Why in the world is the camera cutting a section on its own?
  7. Hello, We have space labels set up for permitting documents, and until now we have had to create separate labels for each story because there is no automatic gross elevation showing the height of the slab. It's very strange since the slab is usually built before the finished floor. Why is there only a finished floor elevation and not one for the slab? When is this coming and why can't we just add it? I'm attaching a screen shot of the label in question. We are using the French Belgian version so we have NF niveau fini (finished floor), but you see we have to enter in the NB niveau brut (slab elevation) manually.
  8. Tech support answered the question. It is not possible to activate a demo version. You have to re-install and then enter the license key.
  9. No, it isn't activated. And even if it were, how could I change the license number? In the past, I could always find a "Licenses" button under session.
  10. I downloaded a demo version and then got my license number assigned. When I go to Preferences and then session to activate the license, it is not there. Where did this go?
  11. Wow, thank you so much for the in-depth explanation. That is really helpful!
  12. Thank you for this answer! But I am a little confused. If I have edited the notes and I do this, will it update the database with my edits? If one of my team mates updates the notes and I want to add those newly updated notes to my plans, how do I do that? In other words, is it updating my notes on the plan or is it updating the database? Is there a way to choose?
  13. Has anyone found a solution for this? We are preparing to go back into lockdown and when we put our notes database file on Dropbox, it doesn't work at all. If I work on the file and connect the notes to the Database file on Dropbox. It uses the full folder chain down to users/my computer name/project number....But when my colleague tries to update a note, it can't find the database from her computer because it is users/her name/project number.... This set up makes no sense. When the database file is sitting in the same folder, why does it need to find the entire folder chain? As long as it is sitting in the same folder, it should just directly connect to it. Is this at all possible to do? I should add that we can't work on the VW files directly from Dropbox. Way too slow. We download the VW files to our computer and then want to link to the Database. Either it should be able to find that file on Dropbox without issue, or we should have a simple way to point to it so that all of the notes stay linked. Having to double click on each note and update them is insane.
  14. I resolved this by duplicating our favorites file and renaming it. After that it wasn't a problem to attach it as a favorite file in the resources manager. It's a work around though. Not sure what was causing the problem. Oh, and sorry, I meant we were using iMacs.
  15. I was doing some house cleaning with our office file folders. I renamed the library folder that our Vectorworks favorite file was sitting in, and now we can't see this file in our Resource Manager. I tried adding it again and nothing happens. I removed the file from the folder, restarted Vectorworks, and I can't add it from my desktop either. I have also tried restarting the computer and I went through the permissions. Nothing has helped. I saw a post about removing it from the "cache", but I have no idea how to do this. If anyone can walk me through that, I would appreciate it. We are using Mac Pros. It is happening on all of our computers.
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