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  1. HURRAY!!!!! It worked. Set it to 300dpi, and we have a winner. Quite odd little bug/feature there. Also set back to 1200dpi and it checked out... no dice for 1200dpi. Well, I guess i'll just have to remember to always run distiller files at 300dpi. Thanks sooooooooo much for your help and patience Jason
  2. Sorry for the delay in responding. Been a little bit busy recently. Distiller is set to print at 1200dpi. Thanks again for your help, Jason
  3. Ok, made the new file, set the page set up to be 36 x 24, then Set Print area to one page. put only a rectangle in there well w/in the print border and it did it again. I did try an 11x17 file and that went to pdf fine... text and all... i'm confused.
  4. Tried everything you said and its still not working... i dont know what to say. I did post a copy of the results @ http://www.wam.umd.edu/~jcowpert/LotN.pdf. maybey it will help. thanks, Jason
  5. it was on one page, and the grey box was positioned correctly. yeesh this is tough I guess i should also mention this only happens when printing to distiller with vectorworks... distiller works fine with other programs and vectorworks works fine when just printing to my normal printer. thanks again, Jason
  6. okay... in page(print) setup, i couldnt specifically select arch d, but i could set a custom page size (i did 36x24). I then set the page area to one page, but still no dice. Just to note, its not making the page size wrong, it just looks like it is shifting it off the left edge of the page and not printing any of the text. Frustrating, itsnt it? Thanks, Jason
  7. its set for US ARCH D (36x24)
  8. Yeah.. I do have 9.5.2, but it is still doing it. Any other suggestions?
  9. Is there *anyone* with a solution to this problem?
  10. Okay, so I did a search on the boards and found a lot of people with problems dealing with printing from Vectorworks 9.5 to Adobe Acrobat 5.0 on windows XP machines, but i could not find a definitive answer to the problem. As stated, I am trying to print a 24x36 inch file to Acrobat distiller... it think i am doing everything right, but it shows up in the .pdf file with the actual data from vectorworks shifted half off the left hand side of the page. Also, absolutly no text appears in the file. Anyone have any solutions to this problem? I am trying to assemble a portfolio and am quite desperate for an answer to this problem. thanks!


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