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  1. Using XP Home, sheet Layers in VectorWorks 11 do not export to AutoCAD 2000. I wish they did. Any plans? RP
  2. Hey, you know what? Don't worry about it. These old files are already put to Lightwright. All I need to do is spiff em up, make em look readable. That's my two cents tonight. RP
  3. using 11.0.1 on XP Home, I imported an AutoCAD 2004 lightplot that had all the pertinent details embedded in the symbols (called "attributes" in AutoCAD, you'll recall). I click a symbol and check the data tab in the object info pallette and all the details are there. But when I convert the symbol to a Spotlight instrument, they disappear. Is there any way I can transfer that data into Spotlight? I'll bet not. But I thought it was worth the asking. If I could, I would love VW even more. I mean, this is what it's all about: converting our many AutoCAD files to VW. Thanks. RP
  4. Mmmmmmmmmmm, maybe I'll just use the Icon I put on my desktop for HELP. Thanks. RP
  5. When's the next update due? And what does "(x.5) of Vectorworks" mean? Version 10.0.5? Or 10.5? Or something like that? RP
  6. VW "help" is not not initiating. I just had the opportunity to re-install VW 11.0.0 (in XP Home), and upgrade to VW 11.0.1 (again), but still nothing. I have to go to it in Explorer and double click it. Can you help? Advise? RP
  7. When installing VW11, I got a request to insert the gobo installer CD which came with my package. But I have none. Should I? Can I get one? Also, are there/will there be updates on object libraries? Thanks. RP
  8. For some peculiar reason I have problems with label legends jamming up, that is, I can't move the pieces of information in a label (purpose, color, channel, etc) by grabbing their grip points with the re-size cursor. Some I can, and others I can't. Sometimes the move will relocate an enitrely different piece of information; sometimes it will just whack out the other pieces location-wise. In some files this problem never appears. In the current one (and several others)it has. Is this some unspecified corruption in this particular file? Usually it's two different label legends within the file, but occasionally it will be the same label legend on the same page. It feels like the label legend is locked somehow. Thanks for your time. I find this forumn very useful. RP
  9. Thanks for the reply. You know, when I built a truss in VW11, the export worked properly, but when I did it in VW10.5 file, saved as 11, it failed. Learning as I go! Thanks. RP
  10. Thanks very much for number 1 and number 2. This tech forumn is great! But when I inserted gobo holders in VW11 (just received and installed), then exported to LW4, the holders appear as they did in 10.5, a seperate entity, below the unit they were insereted into, not in the accesories column. Am I missing something? RP
  11. Working in Spotlight 10.5 - two things: I wish that lighting objects would somehow attach themselves to the lighting position object, so that when the label for the lighting position object changes, the lights would acquire the new label. and I wish accesories (like iris or gobo holder) would somehow attach themselves to the lighting objects into which they have been inserted, so that when the lighting object unit number changes, the accessory number would change accordingly; PS: I wish, when exported to Lightwright, accesories would insert themselves into the accesories column in Lightwright. maybe in 11, which I will recieve in two days ... RP
  12. Since no one else has taken a stab at this, I'll suggest: set AdobePS Acrobat Distiller Advanced Document Settings - Graphic - Print Quality: to 600dpi. See if it works. I had trouble printing AutoCAD to Distiller and this was the solution. But I recall finding it on the VW discussion board! Go figure. RP RP
  13. I?m running VectorWorks Spotlight version on Windows XP Home. When I sent an mcd file to a colleague using VW Spotlight 10.5.1 on a MAC, the text in mirrored Lighting Objects came out reversed and upside down on his machine (not text by itself, only text in Lighting Objects). This did not happen with mirrored Lighting Objects in a previous file transfer (different mcd file) to the same individual. Suspecting corruption, I even copied and pasted this file into a blank document, to no avail. The solution was to actually rebuild the mirrored positions from scratch, something I do not wish to do regularly. I have plotted this file for myself and it looks fine, which incidentally, involved a file transfer to my blueprinter. Any thoughts? RP
  14. Thanks! Actually I fixed it by moving the objects to a different class (???). But now I know how to set the rendering quality option! RP
  15. Even with this feature "on," I cannot select symbols unless their layer is active. Yesterday I upgraded to Application version 10.5.1, and the problem still exists. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something? RP
  16. Er, sorry, I'm confusing focus points with focus grid. Where the renegade readings are showing up there are no focus points, only the photometric grid. I'll have to take back my question, and search on. Thanks. RP
  17. Hope your holidays are pleasant. One more question... The photogrid is working, and the lights are lighting it up, but I'm getting some renegade readings way upstage, from some unknown source. Is there anyway to identify which lights are focused on a particular focus point? Thanks again. RP
  18. Much thanks. The grid is working. I think I should go back to my training CD and study Spotlight a little closer. I gave a quick glance, and saw no training seminars for Spotlight. Are there any? Thanks again, and Happy New Year. RP
  19. Thanks again for your reply. I scrolled down as you suggested. The last item in the "Light Info Record" is "candlepower," and the last item in the "Instrument Record" is "Number 4." Mmmmm. Something fishy here... Oh well. I'll get this solved eventually. All suggestions appreciated. In the meantime, have a happy Holiday!!! RP
  20. Thank you for your reply. You say: "You have to turn on "Draw Beam" for the Lighting Devices..." But I have no "Draw Beam" in my object info palette, neither in the "light info" record nor in the "instrument record." This might be the source of my mistake: do I not have the proper record file in the drawing? The "light info" record shows beam spread and candlepower, but offers no choice for "draw beam." RP
  21. I just got Spotlight and this is exactly what the client is asking for: a photometric grid on the stage measuring footcandles. Perfect! So I take the plot and lay the grid on it. I add a focus point at one of the points, and I focus lights on it, but the grid fails to measure the intensity! The lights have been assigned to that focus point, and have the info record describing their light output, etc. But I got no juice. The lights are trimmed at 50', and the grid is at 6'. What am I missing? Anybody? RP
  22. I have exactly the same problem, note by note, working in VW 10.0.1, XP Home, and Acrobat 5.0. If only Katie finds the solution to this problem... Please keep on it. Acrobat is essential to my business. RP
  23. It seems the error occurs only when printing VW 10.1.2 (using WOndows XP Home) to Acrobat Distiller PostScript Custom Page size. 8x11 and 11x17 work very well, even on the same file that failed on the custom page size print. RP
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