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  1. This may be asking a lot, but it would also be nice if you could reference a 2d symbol for the profile on a path object(extrude along a path). This would allow me to just switch out the 2d symbol's profile when a client would like to change the design of the crown or baseboard, for example, to a different shape, rather than having to edit each path object to trade out the profiles manually. This is a very common work flow issue that I on run into...
  2. I do a lot of interior renderings & I was wondering if it is possible to add a custom trim profile feature to the door & window tools? I currently work by having no interior & exterior trim selected in the tool parameters, I create an extrude along path with a 2d polygon as the trim profile, I place it on the jamb manually. I then need to make this entire assembly a symbol to place it in a wall. I apologize if this has been addressed elsewhere as I'm new to this forum. This seems like could be a common issue for those trying to create realistic renderings. I included a image of a door with custom trim on a work in progress. Thanks
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