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  1. Turning those off did help the wireframe renders, but RenderWorks renders are still very slow. I should also correct one of my machine specs. I'm running with 1.5 GB RAM instead of 1 GB RAM. Shouldn't the OpenGL Hardware Acceleration option help speed things along when using RenderWorks, especially on a Mac? [ 05-26-2004, 01:04 PM: Message edited by: Insightreg ]
  2. I've run DFA to repair permissions. It's become common practice around here after installing any new piece of software. I do have Open GL Hardware Acceleration and VectorCaching checked in preferences. Those were two of the features I was anxious to try with this current upgrade.
  3. Has anyone else experienced a substantial slowdown on Macintosh when upgrading from 10.5 to 11. I'm running a Dual G5 2GHz box with 1GB RAM and OS 10.3.3 and just upgraded my Vectorworks/Renderworks package from 10.5 to 11. I've noticed that 2D render times are much slower, it takes nearly twice as long to open complex documents, and my 3D render times have jumped from an average of about 2 minutes per to as much as 10-12 minutes per rendering for the same document. What gives? I've tried using the hardware acceleration built into VW 11, but it only seems to slow the process more. I've actually done side-by-side comparissons(VW10 vs. VW11), closed all applications running in the background, restarted the machine . . . none of this seems to make any difference. Is anyone else out there going through the same thing? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Here's a real head-scratcher. Running VW 10.1.2 on a 400mhz G4 512MB RAM w/ OS 10.2.6. Here's what I'm running into; VW File A will print to our QMS 2060 w/ no problem. Trying to print VW File A using our new Xerox Phaser 7700 produces nothing. In the CUPS job log for the Phaser, it gives the error message "cant open PSStream for stdoutERROR: pictwpstops- got an error closing the PSStream=-50". So, I tried printing VW File B (also, no problem printing to the QMS) to the Phaser. The job printed without a problem. I thought the problem might have been file size since VW File A was larger than VW File B (16MB vs. 9MB), so I tried to print VW File C (18MB) to the Phaser. This job also printed without a problem. I then found that the error occurred on VW File D (516K) but not on VW File E, which was a new file into which I copied the elements from VW File A. So, if at this point you are not completely lost in my alphabet soup of a post, has anyone heard of this happening and what could cause some VW files to print and others to generate an error? This never happens when printing from MS Office, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Any insight would be appreciated. Reggie Hudson Insight Design Group


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