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  1. Yes, I want more reshape handles:

    but better as parametric "Dimension line" / in a dimensioned Symbol, i want change the value of one or more Dimensionlines in to Parameter for Marionette.

    All the Parts with unchanged Dimensionlines are fix, the "parametric Dimensionlines" reshape the rest or a part of the "2d/3d Objects in the Symbol".


    sorry "google translate"


  2. 13 hours ago, Tom M. said:

    Hi there,


    i have a strange issue in a marionette object node.

    The network outside of an object node works perfect. But in the Object node the textfields changes randomly their position.


    Does anyone know something about this problem or are some connections wrong inside of my network?


    you can try to add the <Point> node (with correct Coordinates) at all "Easy Text nodes" 

    than try the <dummy end> node, instead of <Pass> node at the end of your Marionette network 

    greatings M.Graf

  3. you can try this...


    i think there are more than one Objects in the output List of your "add surface" - Boolean Node. 

    put the "Print Debug" node behind, to test the list, or try every item to get the red rectangle.

    without the Print debug node, unfortunately you have to try every Item No.  from 0 to 1, to 2 ...  


    if your nice Marionette Network works -  can i get it? 🙂



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  4. hey Mathias,


    the new script (Wrapper) its ready to use... please give some feedback

    for example -  the runtime for 1000 Spaces?





    @M.Roth - zooming works ... not a real zooming, but it center the plan by "vs.SetVCenter(Pxy)" 

    and the new wrapper changes the Layer to!  


    @Marissa, is it possible to build a node "Zoom Objekt" or "Zoom Rectangle (xy , xy)"?

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