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  1. Hello everybody Does the problem still exist in VWX 2021?
  2. Max_

    Data Set

    Hallo Pat, I have assembled some data sheets for my records in the data manager. Now I want to apply them to ALL symbols in my document. Regardless of the symbol name or the class in which the symbol is located. Currently I only know how to assign the datasheets to a certain class or symbol. Thanks for help Max
  3. Hello together, Is it possible to create a Data Sheet/Data Set, which applies to all symbols regardless of class or system definition? Thanks Max
  4. Hello, is there a vectorscript procedur/function to connect a object with the (ODBC) database? I only find the function VS:DBShowObjConnDlg, but i like to create complete the dialog via script How can I do this? Thanks for your support Max
  5. Hello I am trying to import connections to an MySQL/ODBC database The export of the connection works fine. But when i try to import the just exported file again i get the following error message: Unable to access database. ODBC Log: [1064] Driver error: 37000 [MySQL][ODBC 8.0(w) Driver][mysqld-8.0.20]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '[000_u_fixture_configuration]' at line 1 Thanks in advance Max VWX 2020 SP3.1 Build 537701 (64bit) DBConnections.xml
  6. Hello Three years later, someone knows if something has changed in the meantime? Ispossible to encrypt or lock a marionette object so it can't be broken by other users? Thanks Max
  7. Is it posible to change the connectors on all devices of the same type by Marionette?
  8. Hello, If I have several devices of the same model in one drawing, I would like if I change one device (e.g. color, image, ...) that the change is applied to all devices and I do not have to make the change for each device individually Is there a way to update existing devices in the Resource Manager so I don't have to edit each one individually? Thanks for assistance Max
  9. Hi In the SignalTypes Dokument, what does Prefix stand for?
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